Best Hair Building Fiber in India

Receding hairline, thinning hair, bald hair patches? Dont Worry!! we have Super Million Hair ! The Hair Building Fiber !

If you are concerned with any of these hair problems then you are at the right place.

Let me introduce you to the latest non surgical hair building concept - Hair Building Fiber. These are magic fibres which will help you restore your confidence by concealing the thinning hair. It is not a cure for baldness but a masque to conceal the thinning hair. Introducing the Super Million Hair... 

What is Super Million Hair ?

Super Million Hair are the best hair building fibre I have tried till yet.

Super Million Hair is specially processed natural hair building fiber which conceals the thinning hair. Made in Japan. 30 Years Old Product Selling in 70 Countries. Recently launched in India.

It's made out of vegetable fibers (rayon) extracted from pulp, which is cut into 0.3 to 0.5 mm pieces, mixed together to add volume and cover your hair naturally.

Super Million Hair – Hair Building Fiber

For people with thin hair, SMH is the best thin hair solution which adheres to the scalp to add thickness to the thinning hair area.

After the fibers have been placed on the thinning area, they are then held in place by a specially formulated mist, this acts as a bonding agent interlocking the fibers to the hair.

Super Million Hair is not a cure for baldness, but it will make your head look as if you have got a head full of hair and is completely unnoticeable.

Super Million Hair – Hair Building Fiber

Features of Super Million Hair

Super Million Hair has some amazing features which are as follows:

  • Non Allergic :
  • SHM is safe to use. It is ISO Certified and International Contact Dermatitis Research Group (ICDRG) approved. 

  • Stays in Place:
  • Super Million Hair Fiber is Sweatwind and waterproof. The SMH Mist keeps the hair fibers in place and there is no chances of it running away.

  • Antibacterial Properties:
  • To keep this product clean, hygienic fibers have been used that discourage bacteria reproduction. This will keep the inside of the container clean even when it is used for long-term storage.

  • Hair - Growth Component:
  • In addition to hinokichiall, sialid extract, and carrot extract, SMH contains an extract that protects hair from thinning due to ultra violet ray exposure and controls scurfy and rash.

  • Superior Technology:
  • Different shapes allow the pieces of 0.3 to 0.5 mm sized fiber, which are negatively charged, to attach easily onto your own hair by static electricity, and at the same time, give your hair more volume.

    Super Million Hair – Hair Building Fiber

    Key Factors of Super Million Hair

    Colors Available:

    Super Million Hair is available in 4 shades:

    • Black
    • Dark Brown
    • Medium Brown 
    • Light Brown
    Super Million Hair – Hair Building Fiber

    Price of Super Million Hair in India:

    SMH fiber plus SMH Mist Combo :

    • 10 gm for INR 2090
    • 15 gm for INR 2590
    • 25 gm for INR 3090

    Only SMH Fiber :

    • 10 gm for INR 1495
    • 15 gm for INR 1995
    • 25 gm for INR 2495

    Smell of Super Million Hair:

    SMH Fibers have no fragrance. The mist has a slight fragrance of alcohol which goes away when the mist dries up.

    Super Million Hair – Hair Building Fiber

    How to use Super Million Hair Fiber

    Applying Super Million Hair Fiber is very easy and literally takes just few seconds. 

    • After washing and combing your hair just set them in the hair style you want. 
    • Tap SMH Fibers directly from the container to the scalp area where there are thinning hair. The Fibers are negatively charged and they attach themselves to the hair quickly.
    • Pat the area with hand for a couple of seconds so that fibers settle quickly.
    • Spray the Super Million Hair Mist from 15 cms away on the fibers. This will make the fibers wind and waterproof. The fibers will not move throughout the day.
    Super Million Hair – Hair Building Fiber

    Does Super Million Hair Fiber work?

    Hair Building Fibers are 0.3 to 0.5 mm pieces of vegetable fibers (Made out of natural Rayon enzyme pulp). These are negatively charged and they attach themselves to the hair strand. They coat the hair strand evenly and makes them look fuller and thicker. 

    Adding a layer of Super Million Hair Mist will keep it in place and prevent it from moving around. Mist hold the fibers until you shampoo the next day.The mist even makes the hair building fibers sweat and wind proof.

    Is Super Million Hair Safe?

    No Artificial Color

    Absolutely. Super Million hair is absolutely safe as it is made from natural vegetable fibers. Moreover the colourant used is also natural. It will not stain the clothes or skin

    Chemical Free

    The Mist is chemical free and contains hair growth components as well. In addition to the hinokichiall, sialid extract, and carrot extract, Super Million Hair Mist contains an extract that protects hair from thinning due to ultra violet ray exposure.

    Safe for Everyday

    Super Million Hair Fibers carry antibacterial properties and hence it is safe to leave it on scalp for a couple of days without any issues. Since this is a cosmetic product and like every other product, it will eventually leave your hair and a touch up will be needed. It is however recommended to wash it the next day with shampoo and apply it all over again to have a more natural look and stay hygienic.

    No Dandruff 

    Absolutely not. The fibers are specially processed in clean rooms with air showers. SMH carries antibacterial properties and will never let bacteria, dandruff or allergies grow. Medical experts at ICDRG (International Contact Dermatitis Research Group) have proven SMH to be a “safe for scalp” product after complaint allergy patch test results.

    No Blocked Hair Follicle

    No. Foreign matter bigger than 0.06 mm cannot block hair follicles/pores. The SMH is 0.2 to 0.3 mm in size. That’s 3-4 times bigger.
    When it comes to inhaling and effects on respiratory system, foreign matter bigger than 0.01 mm is blocked by nasal mucosa and nasal hair. SMH is 30 times bigger.

    Side Effects of Super Million Hair Safe?

    Super Million Hair is absolutely safe to use. I have used it for over a month and never seen any side effect. 

    Infact, the company promises no side effects since last 30 years. Alopecia areata and cancer patients around the world use SMH to conceal their bald patches. Never to forget, CDSCO – Health Ministry of India has approved this product after all testing for Indian climatic conditions and verifying the ingredients for Indian permissible limits. Registration License number is COS -000030.

    One drawback which I feel is that being a girl I have habit of touching my hair again and again. If I do that too frequently hair building fibers do come on my fingertips and nails. 

    Is Super Million Hair Safe Good?

    I am not new to the concept of hair building fibers. I have tried them in past but they failed to impress me either because of their unbearable fragrance or they caused me allergies. The bottom line is I was not impressed. 

    But Super Million Hair has changed my perception about the hair building fibers. It is really good and works fantastically for me.

    One thing to confirm is that it is a hair masking technique and It will not have any effect on hair growth.This is not a medicine or hair growth product in any way. It is a  Cosmetic product for men and women to conceal their hair thinning. This is not for completely bald heads. Some hair should be there for application​​​​