Today I am talking about something very unconventional on my blog. Today we will be talking about Spiritual Healing and more specifically about Aura Reading.
We all sometimes in life here people saying –“oh that person has an aura about her!” “he has a very bad aura” “I get very positive vibes from her”. What are this aura or vibes people talking about?

 Aura Reading

Aura Layers

Well, every person is surrounded with the energy they emit. It’s like an electromagnetic field which surrounds a human body. It’s your own personal space or an energy bubble. The aura of a person often reflects his health, mental activity, and emotional state. There can be many layers and colors of aura. Typically it has 1 to 7 layers and colors. Each layer of aura is connected with a chakra in the human body. Chakras are energy centers something like a spinning wheel which is located inside the human body. Each Chakra is related to a different aspect of life and has a different color. Aura and Chakras together tell about the emotional and physical wellbeing of a person along with career, relationships, health, finances, spirituality, etc.

 Aura Reading

Layers of Chakra and Aura

When a person is facing difficulties or going through difficult times these auras and chakras tell a lot about the situation and can help in many ways. At Wisdom From Light, Nishant helps you to channelize these Auras and Chakras and guide you spiritually. Only one session is needed to Know your Life inside out and gives you a 360-degree holistic view of your life. All the healing remedies are simple DIY remedies & therapy work post the session. Each session comes with a 1-month Remedial Action Plan for you to Heal the imbalances found in your reading.
Soul Blueprint session with Nishant covers various aspects and helps to connect with you on an energetic level and reveal the hidden truths about your Life and the blockages in the various levels of your aura. Your aura is an energetic vessel that contains all the information about your Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual & Energetic bodies.

 Aura Reading

Nishant Sharma

My Experience with Aura Reading

I was given a 10 min session of aura reading which is the first step of Soul Blueprint. Aura Reading session is a first 10 min session which gives an insight over the emotional and physical wellbeing. If this reading is correct then he proceeds to further steps. The aura depends on your mood and circumstances at that particular time when you are taking the session. Nishant gave an excellent overview of my thoughts and emotional state at that time. It was like he was reading me inside out. Few matters which I don’t even admit to myself were even explained by him. He told me that there were few blockages in the energy flow because of lack of few aspects. I was pretty impressed by his findings.
I am certainly open to explore the avenue of spiritual healing to deal with emotional and physical blockages.

About Nishant

Nishant is an IT engineer turned into a Spiritual Healer and has been practicing in the field of energy medicine & healing for the past 13 years now. He belongs to a family of Psychics & Channeling Mediums and has inherited the gift of spiritual communication and clairvoyance from his family tree. He is the 6th generational psychic medium of his family.

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