Softsens Baby Products

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Softsens Baby is an Indian brand of baby care products, which are of good quality and easy on the pocket as well. The baby care market is flooded with international and national brands. It’s not easy to find a genuine and dependable brand in this crowd of brands. Finding good quality products that are reasonably priced, can be quite a challenge. Softsens promises high-quality products which are gentle on the baby’s skin and are curated with utmost love.

Bath Time fun with Softsens Baby Products

Bath Time fun with Softsens Baby Products


About Softsens Baby :

Softsens is a one stop baby shop, for the everyday needs of a modern, mindful mother. At Softsens, all their products are Inspired by moms, Developed by experts. Their products are inspired by everyday needs, habits, and experiences of real moms. Their mission is to provide mothers with fun, convenient, safe, and affordable products to ensure that they have everything they need to make motherhood the most blissful experience of their life. Softens has a team of in-house experts who create 100% safe and superior products for babies. Their products contain natural plant based ingredients & are hypoallergenic. All their products are dermatologically tested in Europe and are at par with international standards of safety. Moreover, they are NEVER tested on animals!

Softsens Baby Products Range includes:

– Baby Massage Oil
– Baby Soap
– Baby Wash
– Baby Shampoo
– Baby Lotion
– Baby Cream
– Baby Wipes
– Baby Powder

Softsens Baby Products
Here I am sharing short reviews of these products

Softsens Baby Product Review

Softsens Baby Massage Oil Review:

Softsens Baby Massage Oil is clear oil which is very light in texture and is infused with vitamin E and olive extracts. It gets absorbed into the skin very easily and nourishes it really well. It is made with pure mineral oils which are good for a baby’s delicate skin. I massage this oil on Adya’s skin, every day. Her skin looks healthy and soft. The fragrance of the oil is light and has warm notes. It is priced at Rs 100 for 100 ml.

NOTE: This product made to my top 10 Massage Oils for babies in India list

Softsens Baby Products

Softsens Baby Soap and Baby Wash Review:

Softsens Baby Soap is one of my personal favorites. Both the bathing products are very gentle and mild. I love how these products deeply nourish the skin without stripping it off of natural oils. These contain natural botanical essential oils of orange along with Shea butter and natural milk cream which makes it so creamy and hydrating. It doesn’t irritate the eyes of my little one as well. Priced at Rs 45 for soap and Rs 150 for Baby Wash

Softsens Baby Products

Softsens Baby Products

Softsens Baby Product Review

Softsens Baby Shampoo Review:

Softsens Baby Shampoo is very mild and gentle for the baby’s hair. It thoroughly cleanses the hair shaft and scalp without over drying the hair. It takes two washes to remove the oil applied to the hair for best results. The formula is tear-free so it doesn’t irritate the eyes in any manner. I love the fragrance of this shampoo. Priced at Rs 165 for 200ml.

Softsens Baby Products

Softsens Baby Cream and Baby Lotion Review:

Softsens Baby Cream and Softsens Baby Lotion are deeply moisturizing. These are non-greasy and have very light weight texture. They get absorbed into the skin easily and keep it well hydrated and nourished. The cream is slightly on the thinner side than the usual thick baby creams.Both the cream and lotion are enriched with natural milk cream and shea butter and the fragrance of both these products are mild and warm. I use these twice a day for my baby and they have never caused any allergy or rash on my baby’s skin. In fact, the products have nicely hydrated and softened my daughter’s skin. Softsens Baby Lotion is perfect for my skin.

It keeps my skin soft-soft!

It keeps my skin soft-soft!

Softsens Baby Wipes Review:

Softsens baby wipes are so soft... my mom and I love them

Softsens baby wipes are so soft… my mom and I love them

Softsens Baby Wipes are extremely soft wipes. The material of the wipes is very soft and gentle. These have enough moisture to clean the skin. I particularly enjoy using these wipes for myself as well. It cleanses skin well and leaves behind a nicely moisturized effect. The wipes are very versatile. I use them not only to clean Adya’s skin, hands, and bottom, but also for myself. I even use them to clean her toys and play area. The cloth material is very absorbent. Softsens Baby Wipes are infused with lotion, Vitamin E, and Aloe Vera. Priced at Rs 65 for a pack of 20 wipes. Also, they have very exciting deals and discounts on their baby wipes.

Softsens Baby Powder Review:

Softsens Baby Powder is one of the most used Softsens Baby Products for my baby. It is extremely gentle and effective. As the weather is quite humid these days, it can lead to rashes on the baby’s skin. I use this powder twice a day to keep Ada’s skin sweat-free. It keeps her skin dry, soft and cool for a whole day. I particularly use this around the places where elastic of the clothes touch her skin. She never faced any skin rashes because of using this powder in those areas. I love using this powder for myself as well. Priced at Rs 110 for 200 gms.

General Observation about the products:

I love the cute colored packaging of the Softsens Baby Products. All the products are packed in sturdy plastic bottles with tightly fitted caps. There is no chance of leakage during the travel. The fragrances are not coordinated but are gentle and mild. The brand has used warm fruity notes for fragrances. The products are:
• Tested in Europe and on par with international levels of safety.
• Hypoallergenic and 100% safe for baby
• Dermatologically Tested
• Free of parabens and other harmful chemical
• Alkali – Free
• No synthetic colors
• Suitable for all skin types
• Never Tested on Animals
• Biodegradable


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Overall Thoughts:

Softsens Baby Products are very good quality products with affordable prices. All of these products are safe for a baby’s delicate skin. They keep the skin soft and supple. I really enjoyed using these products for my baby and recommend them to other mothers as well. If you are looking to pamper your baby, head over to their online store to buy their products and let us know about your experience! Softsens Baby Products