Sesa Hair Oil Review

Sesa Hair Oil Benefits

Sesa Hair Oil Uses 

Today I will be reviewing Sesa Hair Oil. A good hair oil is extremely important to include in one’s hair care regimen and this one specific hair oil has been doing the rounds almost everywhere for quite some time now. It’s the Sesa Hair Oil. But once I like hair oil, I try to stick with it. So I had my hopes high for this Sesa Hair oil since a lot of people seemed to like it.

Today, I’m going to share my experience, how I liked it and if I would recommend Sesa hair oil with you guys.

Sesa Hair Oil

Sesa Hair Oil Review

Sesa Hair Oil Uses:

Here is what the company says about the Sesa hair oil uses. Sesa Hair Oil will protect your hair against chemicals and sun damage. It will add vitamins and minerals to your hair while making them look full of life, beautiful and healthy.

This oil is made using the “Kshirpak Vidhi” which refers to the method used. According to this process, the essential herbs are first boiled in milk to protect the nutritious contents of the oil and the herbs as opposed to other oils available in the market which are just paraffin oils boiled with herbs.

Ingredients of Sesa Hair Oil:

The Sesa Hair oil ingredient list is mentioned on the back if the bottle. It contains Triphala, Brahmi, lemon oil, coconut oil, jatamansi and so on.

Price of Sesa Hair Oil in India - INR 95 for 90 ml oil.

Packaging and Texture of Sesa Hair oil:

The Sesa Hair oil comes in a white bottle with a red cap. The oil is slightly green in color which is because of the presence of certain herbs I believe.

The oil also has a very strong smell to it which is again due to some herbs.

Also the Sesa Hair oil seems to solidify a little in the winters so you can pour it out in a tub like a container or just microwave it for a few seconds. 

My Experience with Sesa Hair Oil:

Sesa Hair Oil Uses

I take some Sesa Hair Oil out in a bowl and heat it for a couple second in a microwave. Then I apply the oil all over my scalp and massage it thoroughly. Then I apply some oil on my ends as well. 

Then I let the oil sit overnight so that I can reap maximum benefit. The next day I just wash it out with a shampoo and then condition my hair as usual.

Sesa Hair Oil Benefits

After using this oil for a week, I noticed that my hair feels a lot stronger and shinier. My dry ends are now smoother and softer. 

My hair overall feels really healthy and bouncy. It also takes care of occasional itchy scalp and slight dandruff. The frizz is under control and hair looks much smoother.

In initial days I didn’t find any change in the hair fall. In fact, in the first month, there was no change in the hair fall at all. But slowly during the second and third month of application, my hair fall started improving.

Hair Fall is a cumulative effect of lot reasons and disturbances going on in the body. there can be many external factors as well. All I realized is Sesa hair oil is good to control the external damage to the hair follicle and keep the scalp healthy

Pros Of Sesa Hair Oil

  • Reduced Hair Fall
  • Made hair stronger and reduced the breakage
  • Helps with Dandruff and Itchy scalp

Cons Of Sesa Hair Oil

  • Fragrance is very strong
  • Difficult to wash off

Overall Thoughts about Sesa Hair Oil:

Sesa hair oil is a thin and light weight oil which makes a lot of promises. It does to an extend fulfill its promises but you cannot solely depend on it for hair fall. Itchy scalp, dandruff, rough dry hair and frizz are tackled by this oil in no time.

It makes Split Ends softer hence the visible appearance is not that daunting. Hair Fall and growth are two things which are dependent on internal factors as well.

But that been said Sesa Hair Oil does show some changes in Hair Fall and Growth. And since this oil is made from natural herbs, you need to be patient and consistent with this oil. And it might take little more time for some than the others.

So be patient and it will work for you sooner or later. Sesa hair oil and shampoo sesa oil

Contributed by Pushpa.