Scalpe Shampoo is medicated Anti Dandruff shampoo which is prescribed by doctors. It is good for chronic dandruff problems and should be used under medical supervision. 

If you are suffering from the issue of dandruff, I suggest you try this product out. It is called Scalpe anti dandruff shampoo from the house of Glenmark. Since, all of us have varying degrees of dandruff, at some point of life or other. It is important to get rid of dandruff as it leads to low self esteem, acne and product buildup on scalp. Read on more to know further details about Scalpe Shampoo

Price of Scalpe Shampoo Anti Dandruff : Rs.190/- for 60 ml

Scalpe Anti Dandruff Shampoo

Directions to use Scalpe Shampoo Anti Dandruff :

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    Wash your hair and scalp with any regular shampoo to get rid of dirt and impurities
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    After rising the normal shampoo apply ample amount of Scalpe shampoo on your scalp
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    Massage on your scalp for 1 min. Let it stay on your scalp for approx. 3 minutes.
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    Wash off with Lukewarm water
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    Use twice a week till the symptoms persist.

 Scalpe Shampoo Anti Dandruff Claims:

Scalpe Shampoo Anti Dandruff claims to give you a dandruff free scalp.

Key Ingredients:
Ketoconazole 2 percent and Pyrithione Zinc 1 percent W/V
Shelf Life of Scalpe Shampoo Anti Dandruff :
2 years from the date of manufacture
Color :
Scalpe Anti Dandruff Shampoo is Light Pink in color
Mild and pleasant

My experience with Scalpe Shampoo Anti Dandruff:

The Scalpe Shampoo Anti Dandruff comes in a baby pink colored bottle made of plastic. The bottle has a dark pink coloured flip-open cap. The Scalpe shampoo is light pink in color. The packaging is leak proof and travel safe. It has a mild smell and a moderately thick consistency. It does not lather much but manages to remove dandruff very effectively. That is why it is recommended that you use a regular shampoo prior to using this.

I used to have lots of dandruff due to which not only I started having multiple scalp issues like hair fall, itchiness but also lots of acne. Therefore, it had become really important for me to get rid of this menace. I was recommended one anti dandruff shampoo by my dermatologist. I started using this shampoo twice a week, as per the directions.

The Results with Scalpe Shampoo Anti Dandruff

Scalpe Shampoo is very effective as the dandruff started reducing with first usage itself. The itching and flaking also reduced tremendously in the first use.  Within a month of usage, I found the dandruff was all gone along with itching and flaky scalp. Since the dandruff got cured, the acne also showed considerable improvement. Since, this is a problem specific product, I reduced the frequency of use to once a week. Currently, I am using this product fortnightly to keep the dandruff away.

Can Scalpe Anti Dandruff Shampoo cure acne from dandruff?

I also used the foam of the shampoo on the skin area where acne was developing and the Ketoconazole in the shampoo helped me with considerably reducing the acne as well.

As Scalpe Shampoo is a medicated anti dandruff shampoo it has no conditioner whatsoever. The hair strands become quite dry it applied on strands for longer duration. Therefore, I prefer using the shampoo just on the scalp and not on the hair stand. I suggest that you must use a conditioner to infuse some moisture into your strands after this double shampoo routine. It is also good idea to apply some oil before shampooing just on the ends of the hair and not on scalp. 

Pros of Scalpe Shampoo Anti Dandruff

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    Works effectively, from the very first wash on dandruff
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    Pocket friendly
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    Easily available
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    Works on acne caused by dandruff.

Cons of Scalpe Shampoo Anti Dandruff

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    Needs to applied after using a regular shampoo.

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    Doesn't lathers much
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    Drying for strands

Overall Thought:

Scalpe Shampoo is a medicated anti dandruff shampoo which shows results from the very first wash. It cures the dandruff when used regularly and also reduces acne which form because of dandruff. I highly recommend using this shampoo for getting rid of dandruff.

Contributed by: Team Glam n Gloss