Delicious, healthy, and easy to cook, Dosa is one of the most tempting dishes of the South Indian cuisine. Just a bit of this crunching crepe can make you fall in love with its mouth-watering flavors and simplicity. Over the years, Dosa has emerged as a perfectly nutritious and yummy breakfast for the healthy homes. Many brands like KENT have also come forward with appliances like the KENT Chilla & Dosa Maker that helps you to prepare this mouth-watering culinary delight in few minutes. Be it Paneer Dosa or the Mutton Dosa; this South Indian culinary gem has one for every taste.

Paneer Dosa
If you are also dosa lover and you wish to prepare this fabulous meal at home with a tint of creativity then pay attention Dosa lovers. We have made an exclusive list of some of the famous and delicious dosas! Check how many have you tasted yet!

1. Paneer Dosa
We begin the list with the one that is a phenomenal blend of the soft taste of fresh paneer and crispy delight of your favorite Paneer Dosa. This can be a perfect brunch for your whole family offering them a healthy and savory meal.

2. Paper Dosa
Now comes the turn of another South Indian cuisine superstar that has reached the plates of international restaurants as well. This crispy delight is made from a very thin spread of the batter and can perfectly be made from your friendly dosa maker!

3. Masala Dosa
One of the most famous types of dosa, Masala Dosa always remains the love of every dosa fanatic. Stuffed with lightly cooked potatoes, onions, green chili, and spices, it gives your taste buds an ultimate treat and leaves you spellbound.

4. Rava Dosa
It is not only yummy and healthy but is also very easy to make at home. If you have a hectic schedule, then you can prepare the batter using sooji or semolina in just 5 minutes. On the top of it if you have the dosa maker by a brand like KENT, then you must not worry about its taste for it is certainly going to be an amazing one!

5. Schezwan Dosa
A Chinese twist to the South Indian snack, Schezwan Dosa gives a distinct savor of exotic flavors of vegetables fried with Schezwan sauce. You can also add cooked noodles and make it Schezwan Noodles Dosa. Creative, right?

6. Oats Masala Dosa
Dosa can turn anything into its tasty version, even if its oats. As it is made with nutritious oats flour, this unbelievably tender and divine Dosa can be your healthy escape too!

7. Mexican Dosa
You have definitely not tasted this one, right? However, now that we have told you about this Mexican version of dosa do try and make it at home. Prepare a Burrito-like filling and wrap it into a plain dosa and you are done! Serve the dish with Mexican salsa and drown yourself in the lip-smacking taste.

8. Varai Dosa
Feel incredibly happy because you can have the luxury of eating dosa during your fasts too. Made with Varai/Samai, Varai Dosa can gratify your cravings with its refreshing flavor. With this new variety of Dosa, we guess that fasts are going to be much more fun!

9. Pizza Dosa
Pizza and Dosa– what a wonderful combination! Spread the spicy Pizza sauce on the perfectly round dosa on you dosa maker and add boiled corns, chopped olives, jalapeños, and capsicum into it. With some grated Mozzarella cheese, oregano and chili, you can make this unique snack that can leave your kids craving for more.

10. Mutton Dosa
Famous for its excellent taste, this delight is a must-try variety for every non-vegetarian out there. Just make the filling by adding mutton pieces in it along with garlic paste, onion, tomatoes, and salt to taste and wrap it in the dosa. Serve it with the savoring sambar and embark on a savoring journey!

After reading the list you can understand that dosa’s versatile nature offers you the chance to let you make your style of dosa. Just change the contents, the condiments, and the base flour, and you can create your unique dosa in minutes. So, don’t wait and start preparing for the tempting treat.