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Recently, I visited Page 3 Salon luxury salon at Chamiers Road in Chennai. I was really looking forward to visit this salon. Why?? To give you a little intro about this salon, its – Salon for the stars – literally.


Page 3 Luxury Salon

Page 3 Salon 1

Page 3 Luxury Salon

Page 3 salon

The Entrance and Hallway

A very posh luxury salon situated at very heart of Chennai ( Khader Nawaz Khan Road and Chamiers Road) has made its mark in Chennai’s salon services with its ultra chic and fabulous services. It is the trendiest, most advanced hair and skin makeover studio that’s all set to give the city’s fashion quotient a whole new high. Page 3 is Chennai’s First Kerastase Salon. Kerastase is a luxury hair and skin care brand from the stable of L’Oreal International. Page 3 offers extensive services. Read more about services on BURRP Page 3 Salon

Not only this, Page 3 has catered to numerous Tollywood stars.

Page 3 Luxury Salon, Chamiers Road, is recently established after the success of the salon at Khader Nawaz Khan Road. It has two floors and beautifully decorated. Its white, bright and has lot of mirror accents (picture the brightness of Santorini, Greece).

Page 3 salon chennai

Hair Spa Room, Spa Room and Pedicure Booth Page 3 Salon

Page 3 salon

Hair Wash Stand, Nair Art Booth Page 3 Salon 

pAGE 3 Kerastase

KeraSkin Esthetics and Kerastase Product Wall

Page 3 Luxury Salon are in Chennai, Coimbatore and Hyderabad.

Uniqueness of Page 3 Salon:

Page 3 offers complete hair and skin analysis. Kerastase has come up with two unique machines –

  • The technologically-advanced Kerastase diagnostic camera, and
  • C. S. I. camera (Cell Score Identity)
skin and hair camera

Kerastase Diagnostic Camera , C.S.I Camera

Kerastase Diagnostic Camera is designed to take a close look of the scalp and hair strand. It magnifies the scalp area and enables the technician to understand the problem more precisely. It even macro shots the hair strand and the health of the hair can be diagnosed. By health of the hair I mean how rough you hair is.

C.S.I. Camera ( Cell Score Identity) is exclusive to Keraskin, has a power of a computer, a precision of a microscope, but size of an iPhone. It measure 6 dimensions of the skin – Pores, Dermo-Density (firmness), Sensitivity (irritation), Wrinkles, Hydro-lipid Dosage (hydration level) and Chromie (pigmentation).

With aid of these equipment the therapists suggests the perfect hair care and skin care in-salon and at-home regimes. Page 3 Salon

My Experience at Page 3 Luxury Salon :

I was assigned to a skin hair therapist, Durga. Durga has been trained with Kerastase. She gave me a detailed diagnosis of my hair scalp and face skin. She broke lots of misconception I had about my skin and hair. And she suggested skin and hair rituals accordingly. For hair, Durga told me that I have dry scalp (combination kind) and my hair strand is dry and scaly. She suggested me to use products that are meant for dry hair and scalp. For skin she examined that wrinkles are minimum ( yayyy!!),  sensitivity and firmness  are normal ( another yayy!!), Hydration is low , pores and pigmentation are areas of concern ( I have been ignoring my skin from couple of months.. sigh!!).

In all, I had a long conversation about my skin care regime with Durga and she patiently answered all my queries and explained everything is great details. Extra Thumbs Up for her knowledge !!

Later she took me the special spa room ( which is meant for celebs and high end clientele… yoohhoo!!).  Durga suggested me Hydra Immersion Facial. it is an ultramodern Keraskin Ritual that helps diagnose the water and lipid imbalance in skin and helps restore the balance required. Page 3 Salon

Page 3 stacked racks

Stacked Product Racks in SPA room

The Hydra Immersion Facial steps:

Step 1 : Cleansing : LAIT N°27   was applied onto my face which is a cleansing milk with soy amino acids

Step 2 : Toning : Eau Personnelle, a pure mineral water with coralline extract. Coralline is mineral rich algea.

Step 3 : Scrub : Olea scrub gel, a mixture or apricot seed powder, apricot oil and micro granules.

Step 4 : Steam : Hot towel was wrapped around my face to steam the face. This loosened the clogged pores. It was followed by manual removal of black heads and white heads.

Step 5 :  Massage : LAIT N°27 was massaged with three flow special technique to energize the skin. Then removed by hot towel.

Step 6 : Face Pack : A made-to-measure face pack was applied to my face. Later it was cleansed and few drops of Immuniste Serum was applied  to complete the facial.

Keraskin ritual

Effects of the facial:

My skin feels and looks gorgeous. It is cleansed , deeply hydrate, soft, supple and relaxed. It has a soft glow to it.

Time: 1 hr

Price: Rs 4200

Overall thoughts:

Page 3 Salon is definitely one of the trendy and upbeat salons in the city with talented and knowledgeable staff. The ambiance is trendy and cozy. The whole atmosphere is fun and lively. There are numerous services available at the salon and they periodically come up with great offers. Prices are in accordance with the services. Keraskin Hydra Immersion Facial is a calming and smoothing skin treatment for dry skin.

I highly recommend Page 3 Luxury Salon to people who want to pamper themselves with high quality treatments and products. Page 3 Salon

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Crew at Page 3 Salon

Crew at Page 3 Salon

Stay Beautiful,


I was invited by the salon to review their services. True and Honest Review.