Recently I have been using a lot of sun tan removal or anti tan facial scrubs and masks, Thanks to the sun exposure in the summers I have developed a lot of sun tan. I have a couple of my favorite tan removal packs and scrubs. I have recently tried one more such cleanser. This is OZONE D-Tan Facial Cleanser.

OZONE Ayurvedic is the company which has natural and organic skincare and hair care products.

OZONE D-Tan Facial Cleanser

 OZONE D-Tan Facial Cleanser

OZONE D-Tan Facial Cleanser


OZONE D-Tan Facial Cleanser


About OZONE D-Tan Facial Cleanser

A cooling and clarifying, the soap-free herbal preparation that gently yet effectively cleanses the tender facial skin, unclogging pores to remove hidden impurities without making the skin dry or rough. First Organic Actives enriched D tan cleanser, the antioxidants Cucumber and Shea Butter neutralize the damage caused to skin by free radicals and UV sun rays. Lactic acid, an alpha hydroxyl acid (AHA) removes dead cells, softens and refines skin texture reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

Purpose of Use:
To remove skin tan instantly leaving the skin lighter, cleaner and even toned. It re-energizes a dry, dull and darkened facial skin, making it soft, smooth and fairer with flawless youthful radiance. With astringent action, the cleanser tones and soothes skin, reducing inflammation and lightening complexion by preventing melanin accumulation.

Ingredients: Milk acid, Cucumber & Shea Butter

Price: Rs 500 (250gm)

OZONE D-Tan Facial Cleanser Review

OZONE D-Tan Facial Cleanser comes in a large white plastic tub with a screw type cap. The product is a glazed white cream with medium consistency. The texture of the cream is very smooth and gel-cream like. It is towards thinner side hence spreads easily. The fragrance of the cleanser is a bit strong and musk like. I am not very fond of the fragrance which stays until the cleanser is washed off.

OZONE D-Tan Facial Cleanser

I use about 1 tablespoon of OZONE D-Tan Facial Cleanser and apply a thick layer on face and neck area. It spreads easily and evenly on the skin. I let it dry for about 20 to 25 mins. It never gets completely dried. Later I wash it off with plain tap water and follow with a light moisturizer or a serum. I notice that it does burn a little around my nose and chin where I have maximum open pores. I irritation does come down after 5 to 10 mins but doesn’t really goes. It only fades after the face is completely washed with water. The second thing I noticed is the smell. The smell of this product is slightly annoying for me. The results I get are fairly okay. It does help with sun tan a bit and brightens the face. I have tried a couple of other products which work better (considering that they don’t cause burning sensation and the results are better. But OZONE D-Tan Facial Cleanser is cheaper than them). The skin feels soft after the wash but I require to apply some moisturizer as it tends to dry out my skin a bit. I also feel that it leads to whiteheads formation. I have tried this on various occasions when my skin was pretty clear and I applied this pack at night and in morning there were a bunch of whiteheads and open pores.

Overall Thoughts:

OZONE D-Tan Facial Cleanser is an okay de-tan cleanser. It removes superficial tan pretty well. But this one is not for people with sensitive skin or someone having open pores. This works better when applied on neck, arms or back.