Indian summers are here and they are hot. If you plan to go out during the day, it’s not possible without wearing a good sunscreen. But no matter how good your sunscreen it the skin feels dull, dehydrated and often develops sun burns. Redness and irritated skin after the usual side effects of stepping out on a hot sunny day. Today we are presenting and reviewing an all organic product which will help not only to calm down the redness and irritation but also replenish the skin’s hydration level – Organic Harvest After Sun Gel Creme Review.

Organic Harvest After Sun Gel Creme

Organic Harvest After Sun Gel Creme Review

About Organic Harvest After Sun Gel Creme

After Sun Gel Cream with olive leaves extract dermatologically tested

Say Hello to the sunshine with Organic Harvest Sunscreen gel crème which calms and soothes your skin keeping the nourishment intact. Olive plant leaves extract provides robustness and resistance against bacterial damage and inflammation. This lightweight formula blends seamlessly into the skin and prevents it from further damage. • Calming effect • Anti-irritation • Sun damage repair

Ingredients :

There is no full list of ingredients given on the pack. But the key ingredients are: Aqua, Olive oil, Propylene glycol, Allantoin, Olive leaves extract, Xanthum gum, and Panthenol. No color added

Organic Harvest After Sun Gel Creme


The packaging is pretty basic but good quality. The product comes in a transparent plastic bottle with a pump. The bottle is sturdy and won’t get dented even after repeated dropping. The pump is also good quality and has a lock function as well which is pretty handy while traveling.

Texture and Consistency:

Organic Harvest After Sun Gel Creme is a gel based white colored cream. It is extremely lightweight and gets absorbed into the skin almost immediately.As it is not exactly a gel, therefore, its slightly thinner but it’s not runny.  It spreads easily and has a herbal fragrance. The fragrance is slightly stronger for me.

Organic Harvest After Sun Gel Creme

My Experience with Organic Harvest After Sun Gel Creme:

I have been using this cream from last 10 days and sharing my views based on this time.

I apply Organic Harvest After Sun Gel Creme at night before bedtime after washing my face. I use one pump of the gel and apply it evenly on my face and neck and massage it until it gets absorbed. It gives an instant cooling effect on the skin which stays for a very short time. After the cream is absorbed the skin feels hydrated and nourished. I feel if I apply a little more product it leaves a creaminess behind and does not completely disappears. But there is no heaviness after applying the cream. It doesn’t aggravate any sweat in summer on or around the nose or upper lip. It has summer/ heat friendly formula.  For me, the fragrance is a bit stronger and stays for long. The morning after my skin feels soft and replenished. Organic Harvest After Sun Gel Creme acts as a great moisturizer in this dry weather. As we sleep in air-conditioned rooms, the moisture from skin sucked during the night and it usually feels very stretchy in morning. But since I have started applying this cream my skin feels much more hydrated. I didn’t even notice any increase in clogged pores while using the cream.

During this trial period, there were two incidences when I had to step out in blaring heat during afternoon hours. I used Organic Harvest After Sun Gel Creme once I returned home. Although my skin wasn’t red or sunburnt but it did feel dry and dehydrated because of sun exposure. After I washed my face and applied the Organic Harvest After Sun Gel Creme, it instantly soothed the dryness and irritation from the sun and gave a nice cooling effect.  In last 10 days, I felt my skin got a bit hydrated and supple.

Priced at Rs 495 for 50gms

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Overall Thoughts:

Organic Harvest After Sun Gel Creme has some great skin friendly all natural ingredients to tackle the redness and inflammation caused by the excess heat and sun exposure. It soothes and cools the skin at the same time.  The only dislike about the product is it fragrance as I have a sensitive nose. Overall Organic Harvest After Sun Gel Creme is great product to have in your kitty if you have to face harshness of the summer sun on daily basis.