This new year begin your new life with Titan Eye Plus 

People think that being a blogger is the most glamorous job, attending parties, flaunting new makeup and clothes, endless gifts you get from brands and numerous celebrities you get to meet .. I agree to an extent it is but it also comes with its consequences. Everyone forgets that everything comes down to how much time I am spending writing and promoting my content. Yes, I spend most of my time sitting in front of a computer or a laptop, creating and promoting my content. Spending so much time in front of screen has taken a toll on me.

Moreover, I have a small baby which keeps me super occupied when I am not working. In between managing work and baby all by myself somewhere I have forgotten to take good care of myself. I often ignore small things about myself until they turn into something major. 

But not anymore!! This New Year I have made a promise to myself. A promise to a fresh start. I have made a promise to myself to take care of all my needs and not keep myself last in the line. 

So in lieu with the promise I am gifting myself a gift of good vision. All these years of working on computer and tiredness has taken a toll on my eyesight. It is deteriorating. I have decided to use Zero Power lenses by Titan Eye Plus while working.

Reason for choosing Titan Eye Plus..

I choose Titan Eye Plus as it has so many beautiful and stylish frames. The brand delivers unparalleled quality and designs in a vast range of eyewear products. Titan Eyeglasses offers styles of frames by international as well as in-house brands.

Huge variety of frames Titan Eye Plus has to offer…

There is a vast range of frame sizes by Titan such as Free, Regular, Medium, Oversized, Small, Wide and Thick. The size and shape of a frame make for a perfectly fitted pair of eyeglasses for a person. Chosen according to his/her face shape, Titan allows you the freedom to choose from an array of frame shapes. The frame shapes enlisted on Titan Eyeplus are Aviator – Pilots, Rectangle, Wayfarer – Square, Rounded Rectangle, Cateye, Oval, Butterfly, Panto, Wraparound, Bugeye, Browlines, Round, Oblong and Navigator.

Lens Quality from Titan ..

Titan is also known for its quality and the use of updated lens technology in its eyeglasses. The collection offers lens with UV protection and Polarized lenses as well. Along with technology, the portal also has a vast range of lens colours such as Gradient brown, Grey, Grey with Blue mirror, Brown, Black, Green and Pink.

They have two types of lenses with four types of coatings

Types of lenses are -
1. Standard Lenses which are CR39 lenses
2. Thin Lenses which are poly carbonate lenses

The Lenses are Scratch Resistant, Dust and Water Repellent, Smudge Resistant and Anti Reflective. They have EMI Coating. They offer 100% UV Protection and Blue Rays Protection. 

Do You Know 60% people spend more than 6 hrs on gadgets; Zero Powered Computer Glasses help reduce Eye Strains.

What I choose from the Titan Eye Plus..

Here are four frames I choose from their website

Check out this pair here :   Black cat eye with platinum detailing

Check out this pair here :  Cat Eye Frames with pink stem 

Check out this pair here : Cat Eye frames with golden stem

Check out this pair here :   Round Red frame

I love all these frames and It was hard to decide for me to choose one.