New Whisper Ultra Soft 2X Softer Pad Review 

Summers are almost here and in the scorching heat, the discomfort of period and pads is unbearable. And I don’t know about you, but I always excuse myself from doing something or going out in those days due to the sheer discomfort of napkins and fear of getting stained. Yes, I tend to lose on the fun as I hardly participate in outdoor activities during that time of the month. But Whisper is the brand which I trust a lot other than Stayfree. Recently, Whisper Sanitary Napkins has released a new variant on the market – New Whisper Ultra Soft 2X Softer Pad. We already are well aware of the regular Whisper Ultra and some point of time used it and loved it. So the new Whisper Ultra Soft 2X Softer Pad are claimed to be better from the original version. I used it and tried to break my barriers and loved it.  Let see the details.

Product Claims: Get superior long-lasting period protection with Whisper Ultra Clean sanitary napkins which feature a unique design with superior protection that locks up to 100% wetness and even locks odor!  New Whisper Ultra Soft 2X Softer Pad with wings keep you comfortable and active all day long. For extra gentleness on your skin, Whisper Ultra Soft pads are two times softer**, are nearly 20% longer* and have soft pores that drive liquid to the core and lock it away, so you have extra coverage and long-lasting protection throughout the day. With the Whisper Ultra Soft Large sanitary pads, your skin gets all the pampering it needs and you get all the confidence you deserve!

Soft Cottony Top sheet – gentle on skin.
Super Absorbent Core – absorbs at the center.
Nearly 20% longer (284mm)*, helps provide more coverage.
It Locks 100% wetness.
Gives extra coverage with long-lasting protection
Price: Rs 64 for 7pads

My experience with New Whisper Ultra Soft 2X Softer Pad

I have been a hard-core brand loyalist for Whisper until I recently developed an allergy against the synthetic lining of the original version of Whisper Ultra. With a heavy heart, I shifted to Stayfree secure which has a more cottony lining and was more forgiving. I am a person who always finds excuses to avoid going out and participate in any kind of activity during the first three days of the periods because of discomfort of using pads.  So when I was introduced to this New Whisper Ultra Soft 2X Softer Pad I was pretty excited to try them out.

The first things first, these New Whisper Ultra Soft 2X Softer Pad are very soft to touch and are ultra thin and feather light. There is no heaviness or a thick cotton pad in these. So you can practically forget about them after wearing them. The cotton layer on top has the new special soft pores which channel the liquid to the core where it is locked. The napkins are longer and wider at the back so there are no chances of any accidents.

During my periods this time, I used these new napkins and I felt really comfortable. I actually went on a shopping spree without hesitation and even attended my yoga classes. For it was true when they say-  For any woman to realize her full potential, first and foremost – she must be comfortable in her skin. With the New Whisper Ultra Soft 2X Softer Pad I really felt liberated.

Here are few closer shot of the New Whisper Ultra Soft 2X Softer Pad.

Against the light, you can actually see how thin it is.

Gentle top cover

I just cut it into half after pouring some water to see what happens inside

The blue lines are channels which distribute the flow and the bottom line has converted into gel to hold the water

Overall Thoughts:

New Whisper Ultra Soft 2X Softer Pad takes comfort to another level. Women should feel comfortable at all times, even on their period days as the New Whisper Ultra Soft is:

  • 2X softer that feels extra gentle to skin
  • have special soft pores that drive liquid to the core where it is locked
  • has longer length with wider back for long lasting performance