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Bridal skin care from ages have included the oil and turmeric massage which imparts that golden glow to the skin of the bride. Brides to be always go to great extend to get clearer skin for their D day. Creams, Oils, Facials, Both Polishing .. and list goes on and on ..

Here is one oil which is introduced by Kama Ayurveda as an essential for Bridal skin care (not that anyone else cant benefit from it ). Nalpamaradi Thailam is formulated based on Kerela Ayurvedic principles.

kama ayurveda nalpamaradi thailam 1

kama ayurveda nalpamaradi thailam 1

About The Kama Ayurveda Nalpamaradi Thailam :

kama ayurveda nalpamaradi thailam 1



This is a sesame oil based preparation with loads of herbs including wet turmeric.

Nalpamaradi Thailam – Kama Ayurveda – Review :

Packaging : The oil is packed is a sturdy, transparent plastic bottle with plastic stopper and golden cap. The packaging is basic yet sturdy. I usually keep the stopper intact while storing bottle, never faced any leakage issue.

kama ayurveda nalpamaradi thailam

The Nalpamaradi oil is age old Keral remedy for troubled skin which is basically made from barks of three trees and wet turmeric . This oil technically meant for skin issues like dryness, scaliness, itching and minor skin infections. It is also used for skin lightening and brightening .

Kama Ayurveda Nalpamaradi Oil is sesame oil based oil. The consistency is thicker as it is a ayurvedic preparation but is easily massaged. The fragrance of the oil is slightly  medicated but hugely smells like raw turmeric. The color of the oil is dark yellow.

kama ayurveda nalpamaradi thailam

When I started using this oil I was set back by the fact that it stains the skin and clothes. Stains on clothes are hard to wash off. Although it is advisable to not use soap after the oil rather use ubtan for a bridal skin care regime but for me personally it actually gets really tedious to follow such routine. It’s not mentioned on the pack anywhere that usage of ubtan is a must. So I decided to take shower only with my normal body wash.

The oil is to be massaged on the skin and to be left for 30 mins. I have used the oil for 1 month that is for how long one bottle lasted me. Initially I didn’t find any change in my skin. I have never been a fan of sesame oil and I didn’t expect the oil to be very nourishing for my skin. By the end of one month the dryness on skin was still there but yes it was slightly better than before. I didnt mix any other skin care oil along with it.

Coming on to the other said claim – Skin brightening. Frankly speaking I was expecting a miracle as per the hype around this product but sadly it was just average, I didn’t see any remarkable change in the pigmentation. Please keep in consideration that I didn’t add anything extra in my skincare regime like any ubtan or body scrub.

Price : Rs 475 for 100 ml.

I really wish that the oil was based either on coconut oil or almond oil for added nourishment.

Overall Thoughts:

Kama Ayurveda Nalpamaradi Thailam is an average massage oil by in itself. It is advisable to use it for longer period of time like 3 months to reap the maximum benefits. Brides to be can include it in their bridal skin care regime along with ubtan and other things to get maximum advantage.

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