Here is a very detailed post from one of my favorite friend Samannita Modak regarding Mac and Kryolan Blushes. Peoplw who love using blushes and get confused between quality and textures of different brands.

Kryolan Mac Blush comparison

A comparison between Mac blusher and Kryolan blusher

Okay folks, this is my first post on my bestie’s blog and I am really excited to do this post …in fact my fingers was itching to do this post from few days but didn’t get the time but finally I made it ….

You all know that I am a lipstick lover, but my second love is “blusher”. In the past one year I have tried many blushers and finally I decide to stick to either MAC or Kryolan. Reason ? well, please read on…

 I am not trying to start a war between Mac lover and Kryolan lovers but as a true observer I thought this post will help to clarify the differences between the two.

Mac-kryolan blush comparison

Price :

I posses one Kryolan blush palette which contain 5 shades ranging from orange to red to pink. This palette costs 1000 INR. Mac individual blush is priced at 1000 INR. Definitely  Kryolan comes cheaper as far as the prices are concerned. So +1 for Kryolan.


Next comes the packaging, both brands score equally on this point. Here I would like to mention that Mac blushes (limited edition) pay a lot of attention on the packaging which results increased prices. Where as the Kryolan has pretty standard packaging throughout, they lay emphasis on quality rather than packaging. +1 to Kryolan.

mac kryolan blushes


Pigmentation makes the major point of comparison between the two brands. Mac blushes have medium to sheer pigmentation. Mostly they are required to be layered to build up the color. On the other hand, Kryolan are heavily pigmented. A light hand and just a touch of blush is required to bring color to the cheeks. +1 for Kryolan.

Mac - Kryolan blush comparison 3


Mac blushes come in variety of textures and finishes – Matte, shimmery, satin etc. You need to actually use it to see how a particular blush will look on the skin. Whereas, Kryolan blushers are mostly matte creamy powders. Kryolan do makes shimmery blushes as well.

I have Mac blush “Prom Princess” from limited edition Archie’s collection which has drier texture cause of which it is little harder to blend. Whereas Mac blush from Rihanna collection “Bad Girl RiRi” has a smooth creamy texture and blends easily.

But I personally feel that Mac scores here better than Kryolan. As it has something for everyone. +1 to Mac.

Mac - Kryolan blush comparison

Staying power:

Well, both Mac and Kryolan have good staying power but in hot humid summer of Kolkata I think Mac lacks a bit compare to the Kryolan. The staying power of mac blushes are mostly 6 hours approx. but Kryolan stays up to 8 hours on my oily skin, So +1 for Kryolan in staying power.


Blending is the most important part of blushes. Mac has blushes of different texture so the blending also differs from good to bad. I feel that the sheer tone blushes need a bit more effort to blend whereas the satin blushes are easily blendable. So one should be careful while selecting blush from Mac. Kryolan blushes are smooth texture and they blend with much ease. So in this case I think +2 for Kryolan and +1 for Mac satin blushes which have smooth texture.


 Here Mac wins another point as Kryolan is not easy available while Mac stores are in many cities.

Conclusion :

I want to end it up with a conclusion that although Kryolan blush palette win this comparison post upon Mac blushers but I admit “a Mac craze” will always remain in the heart of every makeup lover  as “whatever it be in texture or pigmentation or the price tag but a Mac is Mac” whereas the Kryolan being a silent brand in endorsement I think it already started to occupy a small place in many hearts by its affordable range with great quality !


Glam n Gloss says – I dont own any Mac blush, I cant bring myself to spend 1000 bucks on one blush. On other hand I love Kryolan blushes. They have huge variety other than the blush palette, I find them pigmented, love their texture and their  staying power is commendable too. These  blend easily and we actually need only a slightest bit of color.

Thanks a lot to Samannita for this great post. We look forward for more posts by her soon …