Kryolan makes some amazing makeup and their brushes are excellent as well. They provide high quality at such lower prices. Here is a small guide to Kryolan makeup brushes which I found useful for makeup.

Kryolan have divided brushes into various range, depending on quality, primarily  – Premium, Professional, Excellence, Torey, Modern Art.

Here are few of my favorite brushes:

Foundation Brushes :


kryolan foundation brush

There are two foundation brushes available :

Premium Foundation Brush – Product Code: 09930/00

Price:  INR 1000

This is from Premium Range  ( superior than others), feature synthetic bristles , can be used for any type of foundation. The bristles are soft, dense and closely packed. Looks and feel very professional.

Kryolan Premium foundation brush

Modern Art Foundation Brush: Product Code: 03930/00

Price : INR 800

This is from Modern Art Range. It has synthetic fibers too but is smaller and not that densely packed like Premium Foundation Brush. This works fab with heavy and cream foundations.

Kryolan modern art foundation brush

Big Stippling Brush :

Premium Smoothing Brush : PRODUCT CODE: 09742/00

Price: INR 900

This brush super soft and perfect size. It is made of goat hair and synthetic hair. It is highly professional and gives flawless finish.

Kryolan Stippling brush

Professional Face Brushes :

Kryolan Brushes

1st from right : Powder Brush; 2nd from Left : Professional Blush Brush

There are various brushes for face. Powder brush, Blush Brush  Contour Brushes  etc..

Few which I recommend are:

Professional Powder Brush : PRODUCT CODE: 01717/00

Price: INR 550

This is a super soft brush, Big enough to brush powder on the face. The bristles are natural and soft. It does not feels scratchy like most drugstore brush do.


Kryolan Powder Brush

Professional Blusher Brush : PRODUCT CODE: 01716/00

Price: INR 300

This is again a super soft brush densely packed and is made with natural bristles. It picks us and blend the blushes perfectly. [even better than my Crown Brush, which is synthetic ]

Ktyolan Bluush Brush

Professional Fluffy Powder Brush : PRODUCT CODE: 01715/00:

Price: INR 550

This is again a synthetic bristle brush from Professional line. It is bigger and fluffier as compared 1717. It is soft and works well to brush the complete face and neck area.

big fluffy brush

Premium Face Brushes :

These are made from natural bristles and feels soft and gentle on face. Premium brushes have high quality metallic handles.

Kryolan Premium Brush

From Top : Premium Duster Brush ; Middle : Premium Overall Brush; Bottom : Premium Powder Brush

Premium Duster Brush : PRODUCT CODE: 09941/00:

Price: INR 250

This is an angled brush made from natural bristles. densely packed (even denser than Professional blush brush). Super Soft.  it is cut at a  perfect angle to be used as blush/ contour brush.

Premium Overall Brush : PRODUCT CODE: 9942:

Price: INR 900

This is a huge brush for overall dusting of powder/ bronzer. This is perfect apply bronzer on face and body owing to it fluffy nature.

Premium Powder Brush: PRODUCT CODE: 09722/00:

Price: INR 800

This is a powder brush made from high quality natural bristles.


Eyeshadow Brushes :

brush eye shadow brush

Brushes - eye shadow


Premium Eyeshadow brush: Product Code: PRODUCT CODE: 09363/00 

Price: INR 500

Best used for blending eyeshadows or concealers.

Upcoming Review


Premium Precision Brush: PRODUCT CODE: 09906/00 

Price: INR 300


Professional Angular Brushes:

Product Code: 3816 price: INR 250

Product Code: 3810  price: INR 150

Product Code: 3808 price: INR 100

Product Code: 3806 price: INR 90


Product Code: 9810 price: INR 400

Product Code: 9806 price: INR 350

Order these Fab brushes at : KRYOLAN INDIA FB PAGE or at store near you.

Will review my three fav brushes soon…

They have many more brushes, these are just a few. checkout their website for more brushes.

Kryolan makes fabulous brushes and makeup. No need to mention that they are a professional makeup brand and has a presence all over world. But these brushes are superb quality and half of the prices of few famous brands and the drugstore brands. I have eye on half of them, which one will you like to pic ??

Stay Beautiful,