“My favorite serial in on air! Let me grab a quick snack, I love to eat while watching TV”

“Mumma! I am late for my music class, can you please make me a quick snack!”

“Darling! I am too full for a meal but I won’t mind a light snack”

“Oh, it’s 1 am already! I need to study to still prepare for my exam tomorrow, I miss my mom’s food here at the hostel”

Be it anyone in the family, snacking is something which we all love to do. And today it’s all about instant food. Let us face it, how many of us actually like to spend hrs in the kitchen to make a meal from scratch? And What do Students in hostels and working singles gravitate towards when they have lack of time and are hungry? Instant food it is.. and mostly opt for unhealthy options like noodles and pasta.

It is a very well known fact that instant noodles are very unhealthy and fattening. They lack in Nutrients like Fiber, Proteins, and Vitamins. These are a bad source of carbohydrates and sodium.

Recently I came across a video shared by Saffola Masala Oats which brought in light a new drawback of the instant noodles. These noodles are Deep Fried before packaging! Yes, they are. I did a little digging of my own. I found that the instant noodles, especially popular in Asian countries, are boiled and then flash deep fried.*

The health buffs like me often gravitate towards whole wheat flour tag.  So much as so we push our children to eat the whole wheat variant rather than the normal one. We think if it’s made out of whole wheat then it’s good to eat. And the whole Instant noodles product category has milked upon this assumption. But what about the fact that be it a refined flour noodle or whole wheat atta noodle they all have the same process of manufacturing?  They all are flash deep fried before packaging. So the healthy aspect of these noodles has gone down the drain.

So what option do we have?

There are a lot of easy and quick snacking options like fruits, granola bars, fruit yogurt, hummus with vegetable Julians, salsa, and baked chips, Pocorns etc. There are a lot of quick bites which are tasty and healthy. But there are times when we require a little more satisfying meal than just a quick snack …

I have tried a product which I really like. Instant Oats. These days companies have come out with a lot of variety and flavors in instant oats category. Oats neither need to be bland and taste boring nor they require a lot of time to prepare.  Companies like Saffola have come up with these great tasting Masala Oats sachets in 9 different flavors.

I don’t claim that the instant oats are entirely the new revolution and will melt away the extra pounds in a jiffy or they are a miraculous food which will solve every health related problem. But certainly, oats are good for health, They are high in soluble fiber and proteins and always a smarter and tastier instant snacking option

Research shows that diets rich in fiber help in weight management; oats are a high fiber wholegrain breakfast, and hence, a smarter option anyday, anytime. Saffola encourages you to exercise regularly, follow a healthy lifestyle and a diet low in saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium to keep your body fit.

So next time you want to satisfy your untimely hunger pang head towards a packet of Saffola masala oats rather than instant noodles.