Best Belly-Flattening Foods

Hey friends, getting a flat tummy is every lady’s dream since nobody likes that extra bulge hanging out there when you wear a well-fitted dress and needless to say, a bloated or fatty tummy lowers your self-confidence.We do not recommend crash dieting but healthy eating is one thing, everyone should swear by.Cheat meals every now and then are cool but on most days, it is important to indulge in the right kind of foods to keep your metabolism kicking. Here is a list of some super foods that help to burn belly fat. Foods That Help Reduce Tummy Fat

foods That Help Reduce Tummy Fat

Foods That Help Reduce Tummy Fat



These tiny dry fruits are full of health and goodness. Almonds are rich in antioxidant loaded vitamin E and proteins. Almonds also contain a lot of fiber. The fiber in any food has a tendency to make you feel fuller and satisfied for longer. Almonds do have Calories but even then they do not contribute towards increasing belly fat. So, next time you feel an urge to munch on something, grab a handful of nuts.


An Apple a day, keeps the doctor away. Apples are packed with various important Vitamins, minerals, and fibers.Carry a fruit box with you each day which, predominantly contains Apples. Apples have a lot of fiber that keeps your belly feel full for a longer span of time. Due to this, you would not feel hunger pangs thus, avoiding unnecessary munching on fatty snacks.



Avocados are filled with lots of vitamins and nutrients along with fiber. Fiber content causes a feeling of satiety. The presence of monounsaturated fatty acids in Avocados help to burn the belly fat fast and easily.


Cucumbers are available all throughout the year.This easy availability should be put to good use. Make it a habit of filling up half your plate with a veggie salad. Cucumbers are refreshing to eat and very low in calories as an average sized cucumber contains, merely 45 calories. About 96 percent of Cucumbers is made up of water so, eat these for a flat tummy.

Green leafy vegetables:

Eat lots and lots of Green veggies, preferably, leafy ones like Spinach, Kale, Sarso, Celery, Coriander etc in various forms like cooked vegetables, Soups or chutneys to get a flat tummy, within a matter of a few months.Most varieties of Green leafy vegetables are low Calories and contains lots of fiber. Green leafy vegetables are also power packed with many vital vitamins and essential minerals which help in reducing water retention in your body.Excess water retention might be responsible for bloating and bowel discomfort. foods That Help Reduce Tummy Fat

Beans :

Consuming sprouted pulses and beans regularly in your diet helps your system to load up on some natural Proteins. This helps to develop muscles and reduce body fat. Beans have a good percentage of fiber that helps you to feel fuller for a longer duration of time.A feeling a satiety helps to avoid over-indulgence in unhealthy snacks. So, add beans to your diet, if you want your core area to be firm and sexy.

foods That Help Reduce Tummy Fat


Watermelons are very famous in the category of Negative Calorie foods. This implies that your body burns more calories digesting and assimilating a watermelon that you intake by eating it.So, if you are dieting, you can even eat up an entire Watermelon for a meal.The giant Watermelon is made up of 82 percent water. So, much water content in the fruit also makes sure that you stay fuller for a longer span of time and do not feel an urge to munch on unnecessary things. Watermelons help to flush out excessive sodium ions present in your body. One bowl full of watermelon slices contains, as low as 100 calories.Not to mention, the healthy vitamins present in this delicious food are good for your skin and joints. Foods That Help Reduce Tummy Fat

foods That Help Reduce Tummy Fat

I had an opportunity to train with many international instructors and all of them unanimously said: “abs are made in the kitchen”. Physical Exercises help a lot but 70% contributing factor is the diet. So next time you binge eat try to indulge in above-mentioned foods which help in reducing tummy fat and overall weight.

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