The market is flooding with all the light vegetables and citrus juicy fruits. With the excruciating heat taking its toll everyone prefers grabbing a quick sip of healthy lifestyle every now and then.  In such conditions, it becomes essential to keep your body summer ready and well maintained for those last-minute Goa trip plans. We hereby share our list of Food you should NOT eat this Summer to avoid gaining weight and have bad side effects.

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Food you should NOT eat this Summer

Let’s take a look at these must not food and beverages this summer to keep your body rocking and energetic. Food you should NOT eat this Summer

Sugar-Free Icecreams:

Food you should NOT eat this Summer

The term Sugar-free is the most dangerous of all. Artificial sweeteners add to the craving of having sugar and it inturns increases the weight in long run. Moreover, the ingredients like Sorbitol and xylitol can result in diarrhea. Inulin, a sweet-tasting fiber that contributes creaminess in the absence of fat, can cause severe gas and bloating.

Spicy Food:

Food you should NOT eat this Summer

Your taste buds surely need the spicy food to give you the finger licking feeling but excessive intake of spicy food harms your body in many ways. There is enough sun beaming on your head and spicy food makes your body even hotter from inside. This can cause the need for a lot of water intake and sometimes also results in digestion problems. It is advisable to have balanced meals with the right amount of spices.

Tea & Coffee:

Food you should NOT eat this Summer

Bad news for tea and coffee lovers. If your day starts with a cup of tea or coffee, summers are the time you need to avoid the ritual. Tea and coffee can often cause acidity and harm your stomach. It’s also said sugar when added to caffeine or tea results in dehydration of the body. A better way to start your hot summer day is fresh fruit juices.

Dry fruits: 

No matter how much you love to gobble almonds and raisins, summers are not dry fruits friendly. One of the most important properties of dry fruits is that they keep your body warm. They are definitely advisable in winters but they adversely affect your body in summers. Excessive intake of dry fruits in this season can result in upset stomach and take longer to digest.

Dairy Products:

A glass of cold milk or freezing ice cream in summers feels fresh and relieving but it adversely affects the body. It makes your stomach heated and can cause acidity and further stomach issues. Whereas cheese and yogurt also damage your stomach and it makes you uncomfortable in summers. It is advised to avoid dairy products in summers.

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summer season and mangoes go hand in hand. The king of fruits is seen all over the place and is irresistible but excess intake of mangoes can also harm your health. Often people complain about heat pimples and itchiness, mangoes are a major factor here. They are surely juicy and mouth melting but being a heat emitting fruit they become a big no-no in summers.


A perfectly stirred cheese dip or hung curd dip is liked by everyone. It completes the evening snack and makes you happy. But the sad part is that they are high on the calories and can make you feel bloated which is not good for summers. One feels even more tired because of the intake of the extra amount of salt in such dips and sauces. They should be avoided and instead, you can use blanched tomato dip or salsa. Food you should NOT eat this Summer



It is the beverage that has the most dehydrating tendencies along with a high dose of high fructose corn syrup. So basically cocktails have double negative effects. Where Alcohol in general, increases the appetite, slows your metabolism, inhibits nutrient absorption, and leads to poor eating decisions, The high fructose corn syrup will not only add to tons of calorie intake but also they are linked with cancer, DNA damage, and autoimmune flare-ups. So instead try Vodka on rocks with real mashed fruits.

These were some of the basic food and drinks you should be away from hot and steamy summers. Have a bright and healthy season. Food you should NOT eat this Summer.