Today I am reviewing 2 Face Washes from Ethicare Remedies / Ethinext Pharma which claim to be Skin Lightening and Brightening Face Washes – EthiGlo Face Wash and Cutishine Face Wash. Here I will compare them on basis of their ingredients, usage, benefits and effectiveness.

EthiGlo & Cutishine Face Washes from Ethicare Remedies

About  EthiGlo Face Wash & Cutishine Face Wash

EthiGlow Face Wash

Cutishine Face Wash

Ingredients :

EthiGlo Face Wash :

Key Ingredients:
Kojic Acid – 1%
Vitamin C – 0.5%
Liquorice – 1%
Nicotinamide – 0.5%
Blend of AHA & BHA – 1.5%
Triclosan, Vit E, D-Penthenol – 0.5%

Price : Rs. 220.00 for 70 ml 

CutiShine Face Wash :

Key Ingredients:
Glycolic Acid………..02.00%
Salicylic Acid……….00.50%
Liquorice Extract….01.00%
Tea tree Oil………….00.50%
Aloe Vera…………….02.00%

Price : Rs. 159.00 for 70 ml 

EthiGlow Face Wash is based on Kojic Acid and  skin lightening agents like Vit c , Liquorice, Nicotinamide. The blend is very effective in treating hyper pigmentation. There is also presence of AHA and BHA which help removing dead skin and Oil build up.

Cutishine Face Wash is Glycolic aand Salicylic acid based face wash with Liquorice, Tea Tree and Aloe Vera. The blend targets acne ( tea tree, glycolic and salicylic), dead skin (Glycolic, salicylic) and hyperpigmentation ( glycolic, Liquorice) where as Aloe Vera also aids in reducing acne inflammation also without excessive drying the skin.

Packaging :

These both come in very similar plastic tube packaging with flip open caps. They are easy to travel with and are completely leak proof. There are just few visual dissimilarities .


Physical Attributes:

The Texture of Ethiglo Face wash is thick and creamy. It is white in color with red micro capsules. It lather very well and has a medicinal smell.



The Texture of Cutishine face wash is thin and runny. It is transparent , clear liquid with golden micro capsules and very tiny and sparse white granules for scrubbing. It lather well. The fragrance is again not its best feature.



Usage and Benefits:

Ethiglo Face Wash is promoted and works as a skin lightening and brightening face wash. No doubt that the ingredient list is very impressive and promising. It is slightly drying for dry skin type as it extracts all the oil and makes skin look matte. This will be loved by people with oily skin.

Cutishine Face Wash is promoted as a dual benefit product targeting oily acne prone skin and skin brightening. Again the ingredient list is very impressive as it contains 2% glycolic acid and .05 % salicylic acid. This face wash doesn’t dries out the skin but yes removes the oil buildup effectively. The aloe vera present makes the skin feels smooth and natural immediately after the face wash. This will suit all skin type including dry skin.


EthiGlo Face Wash as I mentioned above is more suitable for Oily skin people or people with normal – oily combination skin. It does adds a temporary glow to the skin immediately after use. Although the list of ingredients is very powerful but I don’t think achieving a flawless skin just depending on a face wash, which is just applied on skin for 30 to 45 seconds, is next to impossible. Having that said, This face wash does the skin clearing very nicely and making it a part of skin care routine will definitely aid in the process of reducing pigmentation. Plus its a good way of introducing Kojic acid in your routine.

Cutishine Face Wash is a face wash for reducing / controlling acne along with adding brightness to the skin. This is an effective face wash when it comes to controlling acne. It removes excessive oil from the skin without stripping the skin. It does works as a great preventive measure against the acne. It reduces the inflammation from the acne and controls acne formation. The skin feels soft and supple after the usage. Again I would like to mention that controlling acne solely based on face wash is not possible but yes it will aid in clearing the skin.

Overall Thoughts:

EthiGlo Face Wash & Cutishine Face Wash both are very good face washes in their category. Ethiglo on one hand is mostly skin lightening and brightening face wash with goodness of kojic acid and vitamin c while Cutishine is a glycolic based face wash with tea tree oil to control acne and add brightness. Ethiglo will suit oily and combination skin type while Cutishine is suitable for all skin type.

Find both Face Washes at http://www.ethinext.in/ and pharmacies.

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