A Pocket -Friendly Foundation 

for a Natural look for Daily Usage  


Elle 18 products are pocket friendly and have decent quality. We all have used Elle 18 products at one point of time or other. Here is a new launch from them – Elle 18 Glow foundation. Elle 18 Glow Foundation is certainly budget friendly for all the young college and school girls who have just started exploring the world of makeup. Elle 18 Glow CompactElle 18 Juicy Lip Balm and Elle 18 Liquid Eye Liner are few newly launched products which also have same traits.
Elle 18 Glow Foundation


It is a very cute sleek black tube packaging with their fun logo. Bright and bubbly. Tube packaging is a good idea as the consistency of the product is thick and mousse like.
Elle 18 Glow Foundation


It has a fragrance similar to the Glow Compact. It is strong floral but fades in a while.


Elle 18 Glow Foundation come is four shades – Pearl , Marble, Shell and Coral. The shade I have is Shell. Shell has strong yellow undertones. It is tad bit darker for my skin tone but as it is very light in coverage it is not that obvious. I would rather play safe wit a tad bit darker shade topped with a face powder rather than going for a lighter shade and look ashy.
Elle 18 Glow Foundation

Texture and Consistency:

The texture of this product is light mousse like. When it is rubbed onto skin it coverts into a liquid and easily gets blended into skin. It is borderline slime-y  to start with but as the heat of skin melts the product it changes its texture and becomes more watery. Blending is the key to this foundation. More you blend it more natural it will look.
Elle 18 Glow Foundation
Elle 18 Glow Foundation


Elle 18 Glow Foundation has a sheer coverage. Layering it gives more coverage. It gives a very even looking skin. Don’t expect it cover scars and freckles.


INR 150
Elle 18 Glow Foundation

Few Key Factors:

  • It will be not fair to compare it to  higher valued Foundations. I like it more as a tinted cream.
  • As I said earlier blending is the key. Blend with finger to get maximum benefit. Heat of skin will melt the product and will look and feel natural.
  • If blended well and set with powder, it will not settle into lines.
  • It sets into a semi – matte to matte finish. It looks very natural.
  • It  did not break me out.
  • Stay for about 2-3 hours.
  • Not water resistance, comes out with sweat or water contact.

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Last Words:

Elle 18 Glow Foundation is a great product for College students and females who are not looking for a lot of coverage. It is an easy everyday wear type of tinted cream.

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