In India, VLCC is very well established brand in the wellness sector. VLCC is amongst the first few organized weight loss management groups which I have witnessed while growing up. Personally speaking, I have been used their services quite a few times and loved them unconditionally. Recently, VLCC has introduced a very scientific way to understand the problems faced by a person - VLCC Dna Wellness Program.

How often do we say things like – “ .. It’s in my blood”, “ Its hereditary” , “ I got this from my mom” , “ I blame it on my genes” etc. etc. ..

vlcc dna wellness program

So what is this “It’s in my blood” or “ I blame it on my genes” ?

Genes are cells which have unique combinations of codes we inherit from our mom and dad and there sides of families. Their genetic codes split and few come together to form a unique code which make us. This all happens when a baby is conceived by his mother within very first few days. Because we get few genes from our mom and few from our dad that’s why we are different and not exact replicas or clones of either parent.

vlcc dna wellness program

DNA as we all know is that essence of life. DNA is something which is contained in genes and these make us a unique person. This DNA is something which can be used to manage our health better.

What is the VLCC DNA Wellness Program? And how is it useful ?

VLCC DNA Wellness Program includes a series of panels related to weight loss, preventive and predictive health care and management of an existing medical condition. Under this platform, VLCC will be providing a list of genetic tests which helps individuals understand their tendency towards Obesity and Lifestyle diseases and also right changes to be made in diet, exercise and lifestyle to avoid the same.

The VLCC DNA Wellness Program includes the following scans:

  • Weight Loss Basic Scan
  • Stubborn Weighty Loss Scan
  • Nutrient Scan
  • Skin Scan
  • Hair Scan
  • Health Scan
  • Advanced Health Scan

Will I be put under big machines and will take a lot of time ?

No, This won’t even require giving a blood sample. They just require a sample of your saliva on a swab which they procure from your mouth by simply rubbing a swab on inside of the cheek. Simple …

Here are all the details of the VLCC DNA Wellness Program

You can even check out this video for further details :

So what are you waiting for ? enough of those scattered efforts to get your health and weight in place. Visit your nearest VLCC Wellness Center and get a saliva test done and get exact details of what’s going wrong inside your body and start with a focused approach towards a healthy weight and body.