Color Corrector are the best way to conceal under eye darkness.  Orange Color Corrector is used to cancel the blue/ purple color which is visible due to thin under eye skin.

Kryolan concealers are hands down the best concealer for dark under eye circles available in India (for that matter anywhere). I have two of them, Kryolan Brush-On Concealer in Shade 6, and Kryolan Dermacolor Camouflage Creme in shade DFD. Read on tho know why I made the claim “best under eye concealer“. Will soon review the second concealer as well. I use this particular shade (06) as a corrector.I have very dark under eye area. The pigmentation is so dark that it is almost brown under eye.  I have tried many concealers and corrector like Bobbi Brown Corrector (which I have also reviewed), Mac, Cover FX, MUFE, YSL etc. which gave me okay results. In normal world, I would say that they are good and people should use them. But in my case they are just okay, I always feel the need of “just-a-bit-more”.

Kryolan Brush - On Concealer- Shade 6
Kryolan Brush - On Concealer- Shade 6

Kryolan Brush-On Concealer in Shade 6

Kryolan Brush-On Concealer is an Orange Color Concealer which is used to correct the dark under eyes.

Why do we need  to use a color corrector? Color correctors are used to cancel out or neutralize any colored undertone. As in under eye area, the major reason for darkness is the blue / purple tinge because of the nerves showing through the skin.

Kryolan Brush - On Concealer
Kryolan Brush - On Concealer

Packaging :

Kryolan Brush-On Concealer come in a twist up pen packaging with a brush. The pen is light and is silver grey in color. The twisting barrel is at the bottom. The brush has nylon bristles and is convenient to place the product on right spot.

Kryolan Brush - On Concealer- orange

Texture & Consistency:

  • The Kryolan Brush-On Concealer is very light, semi – liquid in texture.
  • It  is not heavy in its consistency. It feels thin.
  • It is not exactly creamy, so one needs to apply a good under eye cream before applying this.
  • If applied on a moisturized under eye area it looks pretty natural.

Pigmentation & Coverage:

  • I hope I don’t over exaggerate it when I say that it is the power house of pigmentation. It is highly pigmented concealer.
  • Indeed it is a full coverage concealer.Only smallest – tiniest amount is needed to be used. On the negative side, it needs to be applied with utmost care otherwise one can land up looking like an Orange.


Best Under Eye Concealer for Indian Skin Tone
On Right: My Wrist  with Blue Nerve Clearly Visible
Middle : With Orange Concealer applied and blended which canceled the appearance of blue nerve
On Left: With Concealer applied on Top of Orange Corrector.

Staying Power:

  • I have seen this in action on a cousin on the worst humid day. It stayed on her for full 12 hrs and it did not moved from its place until she removed it.
  • As I use this particular shade as a corrector, I have never used it separately. But It works very well in conjugation with the Dermacolor Camouflage Creme.
  • I never had any issue with color bleeding or settling into fine lines etc.


  • I start with a very small quantity. Just one click of the pen is enough to cover the under eye area of both eyes.
  • I use the applicator brush to place the product on the under eye and then use my ring finger to blend the product.
  • It tends to set very fast so we need to be very quick in blending it.
  • Follow it up with the concealer and powder.
Without Makeup, Notice the blue tones on under eye area
How to use concealer and corrector
Applied Tiny amount of Orange Concealer on undereye

and blend with clean finger

Blended orange concealer, cancels out all blue discoloration.
With Concealer on top.


  • Kryolan Brush-On Concealer cancels out the blue/ purple shade pretty well.
  • It does not settle into fine lines.
  • It does not move from its place.
  • Looks and feels like skin when it sets.
  • I have worn it for a maximum time span of 9 hrs, It did stay for full time. and I had to remove it to get it off my skin.
  • Hasn’t caused me any breakout or allergy of any sort . ( I wear contact lenses)
Best Under eye dark circle concealer In India
On Right: With Blue undertones Clearly Visible
Middle : With Orange Concealer applied and blended which canceled the appearance of blue discoloration
On Left: With Concealer applied on Top of Orange Corrector.
Please Note that I am not wearing any foundation, the little bit discoloration left is cancelled by foundation. I am wearing this along with Dermacolor Camouflage Creme in the Makeup Look Here
Price: INR 400
Availability: Kryolan Stores.
Last Words: I recommend Kryolan Brush-On Concealer in shade 6 to everyone suffering from very deep dark circles. If you have lighter circles you can avoid this product. The best thing about this concealer is that it doesn’t feels heavy at all. It just feels like a second skin. Owing to the quantity to be used Its going to last me for a long time, but I will definitely repurchase this.
For the people who have mild under eye circles, Under eye corrector can be made at home (DIY Under Eye Corrector).
Stay Beautiful,