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Za Total Hydration Energy Mist Review

Za Total Hydration Energy Mist claims to instantly restores dryness and other daytime hazards and make skin smooth and radiant. The Za Total Hydration Range is very impressive range which gives boost to hydration levels of the skin. Facial mists are very hydrating when it comes to dry

Jafra Brightening Dynamics Brightening Toner Review

JAFRA PRODUCT REVIEW JAFRA TONER REVIEW My current skin care regimen is all Jafra Brightening Dynamics products and my skin is completely loving them. I have already reviewed Jafra Brightening Face Wash. Here is the quick review for one my favorite product in the range – Jafra

Za True White Toner – Review

Za True White Toner Hi, Za True White Toner come from the House of Shiseido. Okay I dont think there is a need to explain the importance of the toner in our daily routine. In a gist, Toner is very important to removes all the residue on

Product Review – OxyGlow Cucumber Skin Toner

Hi, Toner is one of the important steps for CTM (Cleansing – Toning – Moisturizing) routine. Toners removes any sort of residue left from cleanser or deep seated dirt. I always prefer alcohol free toners as they are milder on skin and dont dry out skin. What


Hi, My skin is dry and due to the humidity in the city in reside it becomes sticky and dull. I love use skin refresheners to get rid of the dullness and stickiness.I recently bought a product from! What VICHY Laboratories say about the product: