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OZONE D-Tan Facial Cleanser Review

Recently I have been using a lot of sun tan removal or anti tan facial scrubs and masks, Thanks to the sun exposure in the summers I have developed a lot of sun tan. I have a couple of my favorite tan removal packs and scrubs. I

The Body Shop Drops of Youth Liquid Peel Review

My love for exfoliation is endless. I always swear by exfoliation and especially peels. Glycolic peels are my all time favorite and they do work wonders for my skin. But Glycolic peels is not something which should be done at home. So here is one amazing product which

Get Rid of Sun Tan with Organic Harvest Anti Tan Scrub and Anti Tan Mask

Because of the weather and extreme sun exposure tanning is something which most of us deal with. I am on a constant look out for products which can help with skin brightening and help me get rid of sun tan and dullness. This summer I have finally

Summer Skin Care Regime with Biotique

Biotique is one brand which I have been using since my teens. I have always had one or two products in my kit from the brand. Biotique is one brand which has constantly evolved itself yet stuck to its Ayurvedic roots. So this time I have tried

Organic Harvest After Sun Gel Creme Review

Indian summers are here and they are hot. If you plan to go out during the day, it’s not possible without wearing a good sunscreen. But no matter how good your sunscreen it the skin feels dull, dehydrated and often develops sun burns. Redness and irritated skin

Patanjali Divya Kanti Lep Review and Price

Hello beautiful ladies, In this write-up, we shall be talking about Patanjali Divya Kanti lep, a face pack that claims to combat acne, the herbal way. Let us admit, acne is one skin woe that bothers women from varied age brackets, at some point in their life

Foods Good for Acne Prone Skin

Foods for acne prone skin The brim of summers and everyone is sweating cats and dogs during the day. The air conditioning market is shooting up and it becomes necessary to grab artificial air whenever there is a chance. We all are aware of seasonal skin problems.

How to Bleach Your Face At Home – Fem Fairness Naturals Gold Bleach Creme

Today I am going to share How to bleach your face at home with Fem Fairness Naturals Gold Bleach Creme.  Bleaching your face skin is not a rocket science and salons charge big bucks to do so. f your skin is not very sensitive then you can

Best Baba Ramdev Patanjali Products in India

Top 10 Patanjali Products in India: Reviews & Prices! Patanjali is one brand that has shown sky rocketing sales in the past couple of months due to the use of herbal ingredients and increased awareness amongst people to use more an more of Indian products so as

10 Top Best Face Wash for Men Available in India

10 Top Best Face Wash for Men Available in India Here we are listing 10 Top Best Face Wash for Men Available in India. Men have different skin from women’s and that is why their needs differ from women’s as well. Whereas women’s skin is gentle, men’s
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