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Save Money on Permanent Makeup

Many women choose to go the route of permanent or semi permanent now that this choice is available and often preferable over daily application of something like an eyebrow pencil, lipstick liner, or mascara. Most spas are taking advantage of this new trend by adding permanent makeup applications to

Get the flawless no-makeup look

Keep it simple! Have you ever met someone who said that they never leave the house without makeup, even if they’re just going to the grocery store? There are plenty of ways to look beautiful without dramatic makeup that will leave you feeling gorgeous and confident. Most

Skincare & Makeup Tips — Get Ready for a Night Out, For Less!

Skincare and Makeup can be quite the expense for someone who likes to dress up for a night out or a professional function for work. This doesn’t have to be the case, however; below are some great tips to get the most from your skincare and makeup

Kryolan Makeup Blend – Review

Hi, In need of a flawless look ? or your foundation is caking up on you ? Or you are fond of using cream products like cream blushers and cream eye shadows but they just don’t seem to blend!  Kryolan Makeup Blend is a product that will

How to get Clump Free Mascara Application

Hi, Is you Mascara a little old and it gives you clumped or spidery lashes. The dry mascara tends to stick on the lashes and makes them look heavy and clumsy. Don’t worry I have just the right tip for a clump free mascara application. This is

Different ways of applying Foundation

There are many ways of applying foundation, You need not get very expensive brushes to do so. here i have included techniques of applying foundation. You just need to practice a little to master the art. Fingers :   It is the easiest way to apply foundation. You just

How to fill Eyebrows

You may see so many different (read expensive) eyebrow kit flooding everywhere (read beauty blogs). What are they exactly? They typically have one creamy color to fill the eyebrows and one wax to set the hair and keep it in place. How much they cost anything around

Make your own Corrector to conceal under eye darkness

Color Correctors or Color Corrector Makeup  are used to brighten up the under eye area.these are either peach, pink or salmon colored concealers. They have cream consistency and cancels out the blue/ purple undertones of the dark under eye area. Although there are many correctors available in market like