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MakeUp Basics- Lesson 3 -Color Corrector

Hi, Color corrector is makeup products which are useful for camouflaging any flaw or unevenness in the skin. No one has a perfect skin, pigmentation, redness, acne, dark circles, birthmarks and scars are to name a few issues. So with these color corrector we can counteract the

Makeup Basics – Lesson 2

Lesson 2 – Priming the face “Face Primer” is the second step after the moisturizer. What is a Face Primer? Face primer is basically a product which is a base coat to apply beneath foundation. These do number of good things for makeup application like minimizing pores,

Makeup Basics – Lesson 1

Lesson 1 – Preparing the Skin First thing you need to do before You apply any sort of makeup is to prepare the skin. “Cleanse And Moisturize”  What do we need to do ? Cleanse : Start with using a face wash. Washing face ensures that all