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Instant Snacking Option for a Healthier Lifestyle

“My favorite serial in on air! Let me grab a quick snack, I love to eat while watching TV” “Mumma! I am late for my music class, can you please make me a quick snack!” “Darling! I am too full for a meal but I won’t mind a

A Busy Mom’s Guide To Tasty Parathas

​Today's woman is a multi-tasker. We work at office, manage home, bring up kids and handle most of the nick-knacks in between. I am 35 yr old full time blogger, mother of a toddler and a home manager. From writing my blogs to going out for events

Tea Tasting and Unveiling the Valentine’s Collection at The TeaMonk Global

Yeah, its my cup of tea!! Tea is my favorite drink. I always opt tea over coffee. So this is the first time I was invited to a tea tasting event. I have had a little background over tea as a commodity because we have some family

Dineout at The Bikers Cafe, Gurgaon- The Great Indian Restaurant Festival #GIRF

Dineout #GIRF 2017  50% off at top 1000+ restaurants Lately, my hubby and I dont dine out a lot. Mostly because our daughter is too young and doesn’t enjoys a lot in restaurants. But a couple of days back I came across this wonderful mobile application, Dineout,

Dabur Honey Fruit Spread

Hi, Today I am here to talk about New Dabur Honey Fruit Spread. Recently Dabur has launched a new product range in market which are basically honey spreads with added real fruits. These are available in 4 flavors –  Strawberry, Plum, Exotic Berries and Kiwi. Honey just

A Vege-Licious Extravaganza at Ssences, The Suryaa – Food Review

Hi, Recently, Ssences, The Suryaa new Delhi invited me over for a lunch buffet. The theme suits my taste palette perfectly. The ongoing festival is Vege-Licious Extravaganza. Yes, this exclusive menu is especially for the vegetarian lovers like me.   The Vege-Licious Extravaganza menu at The Suryaa

Ssence – A Culinary Showcase (The Suryaa Hotel, New Friends Colony, New Delhi)

Hi, Ssence, The Suryaa Hotel, New Delhi is a place that caters a large range of international cuisines mostly iconic dishes from North India, Italy, America and Europe. Ssence has an attention grabbing layout  with an open kitchen, a big salad bar, a special counter for the health

Lodi – The Garden Restaurant – Monsoon Food Festival

Hi, Located in a corner of the historic Lodi Gardens, this restaurant is one of the most beautiful and scenic alfresco wine and dine restaurant I have ever been to. Lodi -The Garden Restaurant has alfresco seating arrangement with lush green foliage and pasha tents. They provide