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Acmed Clarifying Pads by Ethicare Remedies – Review

Acmed Clarifying Pads by Ethicare Remedies are by far the best and most effective Cleansing toning pads I have used which works extremely well against fighting Acne and clogged pores. About Acmed Clarifying Pads: Acmed Clarifying Pads  is a specially formulated 100 % soap free gentle cleanser

How to Remove Acne Scars

Hi, Disclaimer: This post is only aimed at the reducing dark brown pigmented scars which are left behind after a pimple or even after mosquito bite. I follow this regime and find it effective. Please consult a doctor.I get a lot of queries regarding reducing dark pigmentation

Skin Care routine for Dry skin with Acne

Hi Friends, What can be more frustrating than oily skin with acne ???? No points for guessing .. Its Dry skin with Acne .. Dry skinned people can not even make out what is aggravating acne on their skin as they think that oil is the main

Skin Care Routine for Acne prone Skin

Here you will read about – Skin Care ingredients that help with acne, Complete skincare routine for morning and evening for oily and acne prone skin, ¬†Skincare routine for acne prone skin. Acne treatment at home Hi, In today’s hectic and erratic lifestyle many of us suffer