Today's woman is a multi-tasker. We work at office, manage home, bring up kids and handle most of the nick-knacks in between. I am 35 yr old full time blogger, mother of a toddler and a home manager. From writing my blogs to going out for events (it’s actually A LOT of work) to taking care of my baby (which includes everything possible from her waking up in morning to her sleep time at night). I also manage my home; I am a part time cleaner, laundry woman, mechanic, electrician, gardener, teacher, runner, and a cook. Phew.. yeah I am all of that and I am sure most of the Indian woman would relate with me when I say I do it all without any support of my husband.
With so much at hand I have a constant pressure of feeding my family with a good healthy home cooked meal. I mostly cook at home and feed my family but there are times when cooking a full meal is not an option.
My family loves to eat Parathas. As they are easy to make and filling I usually gravitate towards making them. Now here is my quick guide for making tasty parathas.

  • I knead multigrain dough in bigger batches and refrigerate them for next use.
  • The leftover veggies are a blessing. I mash them and use them as a stuffing along with added spices.
  • Now prepare the parathas as usual by rolling and cooking them.

If this process seems a bit tedious then Innovative Foods Ltd. (IFL) has just the solution. Recently Sumeru, the frozen food range brand, has launched lip smacking flavors like Beetroot & Jeera Paratha, Turmeric & Ajwain Paratha, Methi & Spinach Paratha. These parathas are easily accessible at your nearest grocery store and are reasonably priced in the bracket of Rs 80-100 per pack of 5.

New Launches By Sumeru

Beetroot & Jeera Paratha,

Turmeric & Ajwain Paratha,

Methi & Spinach Paratha,

Multigrain Paratha

Yes these frozen parathas are as good as the freshly prepared ones. These parathas are not only easily to cook and serve and save us hell lot of time but also they are equally nutritious. There are a lot of myths attached with frozen food. First being that they are loaded with preservatives! Let me clarify this one –No, They are NOT! On the contrary, they have no preservative at all. Immediately after cooking the temperatures are dropped from somewhere around 80 degrees to 3 degrees in matter of minutes. This technique freezes the nutritional value of the food and there is no chance of bacteria development.

Chef Ajay Chopra, Brand Ambassador Sumeru, has collaborated with Sumeru and demonstrated a variety of twists we can give to these parathas.

So what are you thinking? Give a rest to your wok and slap on these frozen parathas on a hot tawa. Be ready for a scrumptious meal in no time.