Today I am going to share How to bleach your face at home with Fem Fairness Naturals Gold Bleach Creme.  Bleaching your face skin is not a rocket science and salons charge big bucks to do so. f your skin is not very sensitive then you can easily bleach your face at home without any problems. you just need to keep few things in mind for a safe bleaching experience.

Fem Fairness Naturals Gold Bleach Creme

There are many facial bleaches available in the market but my favorite is from Dabur- Fem and Dabur OxyLife. These both brands are manufactured by Dabur. Dabur Oxy Life is a fairly mild beach but does the job well. While Fem range is slightly harsher yet gives fabulous results.

I am sharing the process of bleaching along with some tips and dos and don’t of the process.

How to Bleach Your Face At Home

Preparing your skin:

I usually prefer to scrub gently a day before I plan to bleach my skin. This makes my skin fresh and removes all the dead skin. This gives an even bleaching effect. Exfoliating a day before makes sure that there is no raw skin which can come directly into contact with the bleach. Just before the application uses a mild face wash to clean the face and remove all the makeup or cream. Pat dry and your skin is ready for bleaching.

Tip :

  • Use a hair band to remove all the hair from the face and keep hem away so that they don’t get bleached.
  • Apply a thick layer of lip balm on lips. This will not only prevent bleaching of lips but also keep lips nourished.

Mixing the Components

Every type of bleach comes with two components – Bleach Creme and Activator Powder. We need to mix the two in a fixed proportion to make a paste for application.  Fem Fairness Naturals Gold Bleach Creme comes with a pair of measuring spoon for the task. The ratio of cream to activator is 1:1 that is, 1 big spoon of creme and 1 small spoon of activator powder. A spatula is also provided to mix them. The ratio is different in every bleach you use so read the instruction manual carefully. Mix the two components really well until a smooth paste is formed and granules of the powder are completely dissolved.


  • Use a plastic bowl to mix the components.
  • Leave the mixture for an extra minute so that the activator completely dissolves this will ensure that after application on the skin it doesn’t feel itchy on skin.


I usually use my fingers for application but you can use a brush as well. Use downward strokes for application esp on the areas which have more hair like jaw line, upper lips, and forehead. Cover your entire face and neckline with bleach. make sure that the area which is usually exposed to the sun is covered. Wait for max 15 to 20 minutes depending on how light you want your facial hair to be.

Tip :

  • Cover the areas of the face like corners of the nose and mouth, below the chin, on the ears etc.
  • Try not to apply on the hairline.
  • Don’t apply too close to the eye area.
  • Depending on the skin color regulate the time of application. If you have more wheatish complexion then keep the bleach for lesser time so that the hair doesn’t turn out to be lighter than what is needed. Very lighter ( bleached) hair don’t look very good on darker complexions.

 Removing the Bleach:

Removing the bleach from is fairly simple. Use a wet hand towel to clean the face after which you can wash it directly from water. Don’t use soap or face wash immediately afterward. Follow it with suncreen or a deep moisturiser.

You can watch the video of detailed procedure here: