Dove has finally stepped into the baby skincare section in India- Baby Dove . It has launched 4 products: –soap bar, lotion, wipes and diaper rash cream. We have always associated Dove with baby soft skin. The creaminess of their soaps has wooed millions of hearts. I haven’t met a person who doesn’t like the Dove Soap. They even excel in other products segments like moisturizing lotions and hair care products. So, when Dove finally entered into Baby Care section it got me really excited and I got my hands on the full range.

Baby Dove Products in India: Prices and Review

Baby Dove Products in India

The product range includes:

  • Baby Dove Rich Moisture Baby Bar and Sensitive Moisture Baby Bar,
  • Baby Lotion,
  • Diaper Rash Cream, and
  • Baby Care Wipes

Baby Dove Products in India: Prices and Review

Here today I am giving my general overview about the Baby Dove range and I will share my detailed review of each individual product soon.


The packaging of all the products has the same continuity. They are white and light blue in color and is very soft to look at. The look of packaging has been kept very simple and smooth. The bottles have no harsh edges and are safe to be around the babies. The baby wipes package comes with a sticker type opening while the bottles of moisturizing lotion and rash cream have a flip open cap.  The soap is housed in a carton similar to the adult soap. The original dove symbol has also been continued with the baby care range.

Touch and Feel:

Prima Facia all the products are appearing to have great quality. The fragrance of all the products is very gentle and soft. Most importantly the fragrance doesn’t stay for long. I don’t like longer staying fragrances for my baby as they usually mean harsher products. The moisturizing lotion and rash cream have good creaminess and consistency. I even like the feel of the soap. As expected it is very creamy and rich in moisturizer. One thing which I wasn’t very satisfied is the texture of the baby wipes. These wipes are good for my skin but I want something smoother in texture for baby’s skin.


  • Baby Dove Bars – INR27 (50gm) for both rich moisture and sensitive range
  • Baby Dove Bars – INR48 (75gm) for both rich moisture and sensitive range
  • Baby Dove Lotion – INR180 (200ml)
  • Diaper Rash Cream – INR210 (45gm)
  • Baby Wipes – INR210 (50 sheets)

Overall Thoughts:

Baby Dove Baby Care Range has very reasonable good quality products which come with the brand value of Dove original. The products look promising and high quality. I will soon be reviewing the individual product on my blog for more clarity. I do miss a baby powder in the range.

Baby Dove Products in India: Prices and Review