Yoga can help us in controlling hair fall and increasing hair regrowth.  Today we will learn the Yoga Asanas For Better Hair. And how Yoga is useful for hair fall control and hair growth. 

Hair fall is a common problem across the globe. It is not just something that comes with old age; rather people from all age groups suffer from this problem. Studies reveal that 50% of all men and about 40% of women undergo massive hair loss sometime in their life.

Most of the hair loss cases are related to genetics where an ancestor who had hair loss experience in their lifetime.


Can you follow yoga for hair loss, reduce hair fall and improve hair growth?

Yes .. You can

Yoga does wonders to curb hair loss and improve hair growth.

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Yoga asana for better hair

Benefits of Yoga for Preventing Hair Loss

There are scientific reasons behind how Yoga prevents hair loss and promotes hair growth. The reasons are as follows:

  • Yoga focuses a lot on deep breathing. Deep breathing increases the blood and oxygen flow in the body including the scalp and hair roots and thus rejuvenate them.
  • Stress, Tension and anxiety are major cause of hair fall these days. Yoga helps in reducing stress which in turns affect the hair fall.
  • Few yoga asanas specifically target the Thyroid Gland functioning. Over and under activity of Thyroid gland  is directly related with hair loss and weight. Thyroid gland should function properly. Yoga is very effective in doing so.

Poses From Baba Ramdev Yoga For Hair Loss Treatment

According to Yoga guru Ramdev Baba, yoga cannot end hair loss but it can quicken the growth of hair in the areas where it has fallen. Acupressure (Nail rubbing), Some Yoga Asanas (Yoga Postures) and Pranayama (Breathing Exercises) definitely helps in hair growth.

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Effective Yoga Asana to Stop Hair Loss

Balayam Yoga by Ramdev

Balyam is a common practice recommended by Baba Ramdev as yoga for hair regrowth. It is to rub the nails of the hands against each other. Nail rubbing is an effective way to cure hair fall and increase hair growth. This is number one Yoga Asanas for better hair.

Nail rubbing for hair growth came into fame when Baba Ramdev talked about its benefits and also shown the awesome results.

Nail rubbing for hair regrowth is very easy, simply fold all your fingers of both the hands and keep the fingernails against each other. Just rub the nails against each other.

It is recommended to do nail rubbing for 5-7 minutes atleast twice a day. Baba Ramdev commends doing nail rubbing just before sleeping and also do it rigorously so that sounds come from nail rubbing.

Vajrasana  for Hair Fall 

The vajrasana​ is a seated posture. Start by sitting back on your heels and placing your knees, legs and feet together. 

Holding the back straight keep the palms of your hands down on your thighs.

Breathe gently through your nostrils and maintain this position for at least 3 minutes.

Yoga asana for better hair

This is a simple and easy-to-do yoga asana for hair growth. 

Pavanmuktasana for Hair Loss

Pavanmuktasana is most efficient when it comes to digestion and preventing hair fall.

Lie even on the back in the shava-asana. Inhale and bend the right knee and pull it near to the chest with both hands while intertwining the fingers just below the knee. Place the left leg flat on the floor. Hold the inhaled breath for a few seconds then exhale slowly through the nostrils. Slowly bring down the left leg and repeat with right leg.

Yoga asana for better hair

This asana eases the digestion and releases the gas trapped in digestive system. Which in turn reduces the acidity from the system and helps in reducing hair fall. This is an effective Yoga Asanas for Better Hair.

Sarvangasana for Hair Loss

Sarvangasana helps tremendously with Thyroid and thus affects Hair Loss because of its malfunctioning. 

Yoga asana for better hair

Lie flat on your back and inhale deeply while raising your legs straight up to the point when toes are pointing to the ceiling. At this position the body is resting on the shoulders and on the back of the neck. Support your spine with hands and make sure that it is straight.

Breathe deeply hold for few seconds and slowly bring the legs down.

Salamba Sirsasana for Hair Growth

Salamba Sirsasana is known as the king of all asana. It is extremely beneficial in relieving stress and tension

It allows pure blood to flow in the brain and scalp. It has many benefits including preventing hair fall and promoting hair growth.

There are many ways of performing Salamba Sirsasana.

Yoga Asana for better hair

Place your yoga mat in a comer, kneel down in front of it and place your intertwined fingers in the corner close to the walls. Put your head into the hollow of the hands, rise the knees and take a step towards the corner. Lift one leg and place it in the comer against the wall. Now, just kick the other leg up.

Ushtra Asana for Hair Fall

Ustrasana is considered one of the most effective yoga for better hair health. It directs blood flow towards the scalp and balances the thyroid gland.

Yoga for better hair

Sit up on the knees with the heels of the feet pressed against the buttocks and the calves of the legs flat on the floor. Grasp the left ankle with the left hand and right ankle with the right hand. Push the buttocks off the legs arching the back and forcing the stomach forward and tilt the head as far back as possible and inhale through the nostrils.

Hold the position for few seconds while breathing normally then slowly get back to starting position and repeat.

Adho Mukha Svanasana for Hair Growth

Adho Mukha Svanasana is one of the best yoga poses for hair growth.

It promotes blood circulation in the scalp and the crown region and nourishes the hair follicles and promotes good hair growth.

Yoga for better hair

Keep your legs shoulder width apart. Slowly, bend down, until your palms touch the floor ahead of you. Exhale while bending. Don’t lift your heels off the floor. Do not bend your knees, but at the same time, don't latch them. Spread your fingers wide apart. Now, put your head between your arms, towards your knees.

Important Tips for Healthy Hair

Hair loss , Baldness and Alopecia are majorly connected with the genes. We can reduce them and try to get dormant hair follicles activated with help of yoga and natural remedies.

Cure for Alopecia, Hairfall, Baldness as suggested by Baba Ramdev

Medicine for Alopecia:

  1. 200gm Coconut Oil, Wasp nest, 200gm Juice of Hibiscus Racemes Leaves and cook it for some time. After cooling, apply on head.
  2. Apply White Onion Juice at night on head and wash it other morning.
  3. Mix 200gm Amalki Rasayan, 10gm Muktashukti Bhasma, 20gm Saptamrit Lauh and consume 1 gm twice a day with water daily.

There are few Hair Oils like Sesa Hair Oil and Patanjali Kesh Kanti Oil which have shown great results with hair fall.

There are few hair packs with methi seeds which improve hair texture and reduce hair fall. 

There are few deficiencies which cause hair fall. Here is a list of Vitamins for Hair Loss and Growth.

So these are few Yoga Asanas for Better Hair. Along with a good balanced diet and few natural remedies it is easy to control hair fall and get good hair growth.