Today I am going to talk about my weight loss journey after pregnancy. First and foremost I need to express my gratitude to one of the most inspiring coaches of my lifetime – Dr. Varun Katyal. It wouldn’t have been possible without him. He runs an At Home Diet Nutrition and Weightloss Program which has been the game changer for me in my weight loss journey.

At Home Diet Nutrition and Weightloss Program with Dr Varun Katyal

My Weightloss Story:

Soon after delivery, I consulted my gynecologist and she very straight forward told me to not eat any extra clarified butter and sweets if I don’t want to accumulate extra weight/ fat. I followed her guidance and stuck to eating healthy wholesome food during the first 45 days of birth.

A couple of months after delivery


6 months after delivery at around 78 kgs

It was just before my pregnancy I met Dr. Varun Katyal in an event and I was thinking about enrolling with him. But before I started my plan with him I wanted to be mentally prepared because with a small baby to take care weight loss becomes the last priority. At home, I tried to control my weight by eating right. I reduced intake of rice, ghee, sugar, sweets, tea, coffee, junk food, juices, and stopped eating fried food. And I enrolled myself for at home yoga classes, but I couldn’t continue with it for a longer time. In about 18 months I was able to shed 9 kgs. That was the time when I finally decided to take up a nutrition and diet plan with Dr. Varun.

At Home Diet Nutrition and Weightloss Program with Dr. Varun Katyal

Now I want to say something out loud. Enrolling in the At Home Diet Nutrition and Weightloss Program with Dr. Varun Katyal is the best thing I have done for myself in my lifetime.

Before I started this program I was facing many issues like excessive tiredness, lack of energy, aches and pains in the body, irregular sleep, feeling low, no self-confidence, hunger pangs at odd hours etc. I was even conscious of standing in front of a mirror. My confidence had gone down the drain. I was desperately seeking for help and then I gave Dr. Varun a call.

The process of enrollment for the program was fairly simple. Everything is done electronically through emails and WhatsApp messaging. It made it very easy for me as I am a technology buff. I was enquired in detail about health and lifestyle. I was asked about all my food choices as well. And then I transferred the fees and we started the program in the first week of Feb 2017.

A WhatsApp chat was set up where Dr. Varun was in constant contact with me. He sent me diet plans there along with many new recipes to try and alternative meals were even suggested. His plans were very easy to follow and were according to my lifestyle, food habits, ease, and comfort. Every week I was sent new diet charts and the plan to follow them. In very first 2 days I lost 1.5 kgs which was very surprising for me.

Few features which make Dr. Varun’s program unique:

Custom Made Plans:

The Plans and diet charts are all custom made according to our diet preferences and food habits.  I am a breastfeeding mom with erratic work hours. I work at late hours in the night and run around my baby during the day. We are vegetarians and hardly eat out. Dr. Varun made sure that the plans were according to my comfort and lifestyle. For Example, many times I sleep late at around 1 am because I can only work after my baby sleeps. And after having an early dinner I use to feel hungry so I was allowed to have a small meal or a glass of milk during that time. This was a savior for me as I was worried about my milk production reducing.

Food Choices and Variety:

Diet plans don’t have to be boring. I always got a lot of food variations in my plans with a lot of food alternatives. His diet plan always has an eating out plan which helped me in making better food choices when I was going out. And if I am eating at home it encouraged me to cook something new. He always shared a variety of recipes for snacking and main course meals which made me look forward to the meal time.

Emphasis on Detox Water and Water Intake:

He made me understand the basics right. He taught me the importance of having enough water and detox water every day. He shares recipes of various detox waters which helps in the process of weight loss.

Diet Diaries and Follow-up

One thing Dr. Varun excels is in the area of follow-ups. He never left me by myself feeling lost and alone. I have received follow-up messages every single day. He recorded the diet diary every day and he actually goes through them and pointed out my mistakes. He even took out time to discuss my mistakes and explained to me how I can rectify them in future. He also recorded weekly measurement chart to know the progress.

Emphasis on Fat Loss

We always gauge the health with weight loss that is through the numbers on the weighing scale. But Dr. Varun explains that it’s important to see the inch loss rather than weight loss. I truly believe in this theory as I have been running after reducing the numbers on the weighing scale but the actual visible difference comes when the inches reduce.

Availability and motivation

No matter how busy he is Dr. Varun never ignores his clients. This is another biggest factor which draws me to him. He was always there when I needed him to motivate me, to guide me, and help me.

Before I started the program and now

The Results:

I lost around 6.5 kgs with Dr. Varun in 3 months. I lost 3.5 inches off my waist and 3 inches off my bust which were the biggest problem areas. This is when I am breastfeeding my baby (during this time I couldn’t cut my calories drastically as it could have affected the milk production). I have dropped around 1.5 dress size. Not only in weight but otherwise I am way fitter and energetic now. Most of the body pains have gone with excess weight.

Before and After


A closer look

Take Home:

With Dr. Varun, I have learned the process of eating right. He emphasized on making correct food choices, drinking water and living a healthy life. He also explained the importance of losing fat and not just weight.  I am very happy that I enrolled with his At Home Diet Nutrition and Weight loss Program and would recommend it to everyone who is struggling with weightloss. Dr. Varun Katyal ‘s contact details:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/drvarunkatyal/

Phone Number: 098737 76776

Website: https://myhealthrebalance.com/

Thank You, Sir I can never be grateful enough.