Hi Guys,

Here is the new April 2017 Fab Bag.  This time the theme of Fab Bag was Spring Fling. As the season is changing there are products to take care of your skin and a hint of makeup. Without further ado let’s see the content of the bag.

April Fab Bag 2017 Contains: 

  • Sugar As Nude As It Gets SPF 15 Compact- Rs.699/-
  • Ayorma Radiance Glow Deep Exfoliator 10g
  • Hedonista Fresh Face Scrub 25ml
  • Sand For Soapaholics Heavenly Dew Bathing Bar- Rs.275/- for 100g

Sugar As Nude As It Gets SPF 15 Compact– Rs.699/- Compact-02 Cappuccino is the perfect shade for my skin tone. This has a black matte packaging with a big mirror. The sponge applicator is dense and good quality. The product is finely milled and feels very soft, I think it will work better for oily skin or in humid weather.

Sand for Soapaholics soap looks really pretty and is coconut based. It is aqua blue in color and has big chunks of coconut ( I suppose). Looks very fresh and Pinacolada type. Perfect for coming summers.

Hedonista Fresh Face Scrub and Ayorma Radiance Glow Deep Exfoliator are two scrubs in the bag this time. Ayorma Radiance Glow Deep Exfoliator  is a standard cream and walnut based while Hedonista Fresh Face Scrub is fruit and gel based. Hedonista Fresh Face Scrub smells like mashed banana and the texture is very similar to the banana pulp as well. I have used it twice ( the quantity in the sample was just enough for two usages) and it failed to impress me. It literally did nothing for my skin. Ayorma Radiance Glow Deep Exfoliator on other hand has an oily cream base and the walnut scrubbing granules are very harsh. I tried it once and immediately regretted it as it felt very gritty on the face.

Overall Thoughts:

April Fab Bag 2017 was a 50-50 for me. I loved the Sugar Compact and Sand for Soapaholics soap while both scrubs failed to impress me.

Price: Rs.599/ month (Buy on fabbag.com)