Hi Friends,
With temperatures rising and increased sweating, we all feel the requirement of washing our hair more frequently. As for me, I am regular at working out so I like to wash my hair after every workout session. Due to this I am on a constant hunt for a mild shampoo which can be used after my workout sessions.
I recently tried Aloe Veda – Mild Nourishing Shampoo.

What Aloe Veda says:



A very basic transparent Plastic bottle with screw cap, which flip opens at top.



Shampoo has runny consistency and is almost transparent in color with slight yellow tinge. Fragrance is floral but little artificial, although is soft nothing bothersome.

Price : INR 130 for 200 ml

My Experience:
My hair is quite dry with slightly oily scalp. My hair is thin and gets frizzy because of humid weather conditions. I require a shampoo which can clean my sweaty/ oily scalp ( post workout hygiene), without either drying out or leaving my hair flat.
This shampoo has a very mild pleasing fragrance. Only little amount is required to lather up the hair.  It takes away all the oil and sweat from my hair. Only one wash is enough to get rid of the greasiness caused by sweating. It washes off hair oil easily too. The hair feels clean after wash but I will not call that squeaky clean feel. The oiliness stays at bay for complete two days. The most important part was that I didnt get any major hairfall during or after the shampoo.
Okay, now coming on not so good part. This shampoo dries up my already dry hair. I have to follow it with a heavy conditioner. If I leave my hair without hair conditioner they will get frizzy and dry and will tangle. Despite of as much as I detangle my hair , they will again get tangled quickly. Result was dry looking, frizzy tangled hair.
With Conditioner, the shampoo still behaves better. But I still dislike the fact that it strips my hair of all the natural moisture.
Removes oil and dirt,
Lathers well,
Requires a small quantity,
Good for oily hair,
No major hairfall,
Pleasant Fragrance.
Borderline Cheap packaging,
SLES – 50% (its not natural)
Dries out dry hair,
Not a very clean feeling after wash.
Non Conditioning.
Last Words : First of all, It NOT a natural, chemical free product. With that much SLES present I wonder if it can be considered as a MILD shampoo. Can be good for very oily hair but not so good for dry hair. As for me, My search for a mild everyday shampoo is still on.
Stay Beautiful 🙂
PR Sample. Honest Opinion.