AHAglow S Foaming Face Wash Review

An Alpha Hydroxy Acid face wash has always had a prominent position in my skin care regime. I often gravitate toward face washes with Glycolic acid and/ or Salicylic Acid as they tend accelerate the skin turnover and help in getting rid of blocked pores and pigmentation. AHAglow S Face Wash is one such face wash which I love for the period when my skin is not behaving itself.

Price of AHAglow S Face Wash : Rs 416.50

AHAglow S Face Wash

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Alpha Hydroxy Face Wash Benefits

Alpha Hydroxy Acid or AHA works as a chemical exfoliant on the skin. These work of cellular level. They usually dissolve the glue between the dead cells and hence helps get rid of the dead skin quickly and in turn increases cell rejuvenation process.

Alpha Hydroxy Face Wash Benefits are:

  • Removes dead skin cells quickly.
  • Reduces pigmentation
  • Helps in unclogging pores
  • Reduces wrinkles
  • Increases the absorption power of skin

AHAglow S Face Wash Claims:

AhaGlow S Face Wash is a deep cleansing face wash. There are no claims as such mentioned on the pack. It is made by Torrent Pharmaceuticals.

Key Ingredients:
Aloe Extracts 5%, Salicylic Acid 2% & Glycolic Acid 1%.
Shelf Life of AHAglow S Face Wash :
2 years from the date of manufacture
Color :
It is transparent in color but comes out as white foam. 
Mild and negligible.

Directions to use AHAglow S Face Wash

AHAglow S Face Wash is fairly simple to use. 

Directions as mentioned on the pack:

  • Wet Face
  • Gently massage the foam on the face for 20 to 30 seconds avoiding eyes and surrounding areas.
  • Rinse thoroughly and pat dry  

My Experience with AHAglow S Face Wash

AHAglow S Face Wash is clear facewash which comes in a transparent plastic bottle with a special kind of pump dispenser which creates foam. So basically you don't get the face wash in your palm as a gel or liquid rather you get white fluffy foam. 

AHAglow S Face Wash
AHAglow S Face Wash
AHAglow S Face Wash

This foam has an advantage because when we use liquid face wash we tend to waste a lot of product but in case of foam there are less chances of that. 

AHAglow S Face Wash

Coming to my experience part. For me a glycolic acid based face wash is a must in my routine as it has many benefits. And when the glycolic is mixed with salicylic then the benefits double and so does my love for it. 

My skin is very problematic. It develops whiteheads and blackheads and blocked pores very easily. So to keep my skin away from these I often or should I say mostly trust an Alpha Hydroxy Face Wash. 

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How Does the combination of Glycolic and Salicylic Acids Work?

Recently I had an episode of whiteheads and blocked pores due to travelling and extreme weather change so I knew it's time for me to switch back to an Alpha Hydroxy Face Wash. While AHA is extremely helpful in dealing with dead skin and dullness its BHA ( Beta Hydroxy Acid , Salicylic Acid) which cleans the pores. 

So the combination of Salicylic and Glycolic which deals efficiently with acne and blocked pores.

My Face Wash Routine AHAglow S Face Wash 

When I have severe breakouts or milia ( whiteheads) then I wash my face atleast two times a day with AHAglow S Face Wash. One pump of the product is enough to effectively clean my face and neck area. Sometimes I even use one and half pump. 

When my whiteheads are under control then I wash my face with AHAglow S Face Wash once a day at night time before applying my night cream etc.

I think this routine works best for me.

The Result with AHAglow S Face Wash 

For beginners, AHAglow S Foaming Face Wash might result in mild peeling effect. But this goes away soon. 

For people who have a prior experience with an Alpha Hydroxy Face Wash this face wash will not be as drying. Especially owing to the fact that it has 5% Aloe Vera extracts. The Aloe Vera extract doesn't let the skin feel stretched or dry. 

I don't solely depend on this face wash to treat acne and milia. But this acts as a nice addition to the routine. It certainly helps in deeply cleaning my skin and making it look brighter.

It does effectively helps and I miss using this face wash when I switch to other cosmetic counterparts.

Side Effects of AHAglow S Face Wash 

Although AHAglow S Face Wash has ample of benefits there are a couple of side effects as well. 

  • The major side effect of AHAglow S Foaming Face Wash is that the skin gets sensitive to sun. Wearing a sunscreen is a must once you start using a aha or bha product. It's not the side effect of this product but its same with all the Glycolic based products.
  • First time users might feel a mild stinging effect. 
  • Might feel a bit drying in starting.

Overall Thoughts for  AHAglow S Face Wash 

AHAglow S Face Wash is a great addition to my anti acne and anti milia regime. It does a great job in deeply cleansing my skin and unclogging pores. It works both dry skin and oily skin.