Female Hygiene is something which is very important to me. In India especially the public washrooms are so dirty and people have the least sense of hygiene. I might be sounding harsh but that’s the fact. Be it a high society mall or a local restaurant I always shudder at the thought of using a public bathroom as its invitation for allergies and infections. Although I am very conscious about it still there are times when we have to use them and then bam comes all the infections. I am very particular in keeping myself clean and vaginal health is utmost priority for me. I have had a bad history! So I usually prefer using intimate hygiene washes to be safe. These are something which I use every day without fail.  Today I am reviewing an intimate hygiene wash which I found to be good for the everyday purpose – 1M Intimate Cream Wash with 3.5 ph

1M Intimate Cream Wash

1M Intimate Cream Wash Review

Product Description:

1M Intimate Cream Wash pH 3.5 is to maintain the natural balance of the intimate (vulvo-vaginal) area, you need a cleanser that has an ideal pH of 3.5*. It is enriched with Lactic Acid, Sea Buckthorn Oil and Tea Tree Oil to maintain the intimate area’s natural acidic balance.

Product Claims:

Reduces dryness, itchiness, soreness, burning, unpleasant odor and symptoms of vaginal discharge. It also restores the beneficial bacteria Lactobacillus acidophilus naturally found in the intimate area and significantly lowers your risk of vaginal infections.

Directions for Use:

Apply 1M intimate cream wash on the dry or wet skin of your intimate area. Rinse lightly during bathing if needed. As this is a water-soluble cream with natural ingredients, you can rinse it off with water or leave it on the skin. Safe for everyday use.

1M Intimate Cream Wash

My Experience with 1M Intimate Cream Wash

1M Intimate Cream Wash is a which thick cream like formula. It comes in an easy to use, white colored tube. The cap is a flip open cap which shuts tightly and there are no dripping issues. It is travel-friendly packaging so it can be easily carried around in the purse. The fragrance of the wash is slightly floral which is mild and doesn’t stay for long. As the wash is a cream-based wash it’s not overly soapy or gives a lot of foam. But it cleanses the area well and even moisturizes it well.

1M cleanses and moisturizes the intimate area and is enriched with three main ingredients: lactic acid, Sea buckthorn oil and Tea tree oil. The product is specially formulated to gently cleanse and protect the intimate area against infection, 1m helps in maintaining a natural pH of 3.5 in the intimate area and restores healthy intimate micro-flora consisting of good bacteria for e.g. lactobacilli, which help to restore & maintain the protective acidic environment with pH balance of 3.5 to 4.5. When the intimate micro-flora is disarranged, it leads to disturbance in natural pH of 3.5 which causes discomfort in the intimate area that leads to vulvo-vaginal infections.

I usually take a pea sized amount and foam it in my palm and wash the area. I even tend to leave it for a minute or two when I am feeling slightly uncomfortable. Lately, I haven’t had any issues of itching or dryness since I have been using 1M Intimate Cream Wash.

As I am very particular with my hygiene I would suggest using this wash at least once a day under normal circumstances and twice if someone is suffering from dryness, itchiness, soreness, burning, unpleasant odor and symptoms of vaginal discharge.

I particularly liked using 1M Intimate Cream Wash as its very creamy and moisturizes the area well. It also keeps it odor free and clean throughout the day. It’s a good precautionary measure to keep your intimate area clean and healthy. Although I wouldn’t suggest depending on any intimate wash if the symptoms of vaginal discharge persist as it requires proper medical attention. 

This intimate cream and hygiene wash cleanses, soothes, moisturizes, and provides long lasting freshness throughout the day. The product, 1M is best suitable for regular use by all age groups from adolescent girls to newly married and menopausal women. Vaginal and intimate area’s health and hygiene are central to a woman’s comfort and confidence. Regular usage of 1M will maintain vaginal hygiene and prevent women from the most discomforting problems such as vulvo-vaginal dryness, vaginal discharge, inflammation, intimate sensitivity & irritation, itchiness, soreness and unpleasant odor.

Overall Thoughts:

1M Intimate Cream Wash is a good wash to keep your intimate areas clean and healthy. It also It is mild to be used every day and will keep all the nasty stuff at bay. The prices are nominal and it’s available almost everywhere. This is a necessary step which every woman should follow in the basic hygiene.